How to Elevate Your Leggings Outfit

How to style leggings this season and what to pair your leggings with in 2023— easy three rules to follow for elevated leggings outfit for everyday.

outfit details: cardigan, leggings sneakers, bag, jewelry ( similar)

It’s the time of the year where you want to be comfortable and cozy. It’s also practical, sometimes a girl has to run from the gym to work or errands and appointments and I promise there is a way to elevate your leggings outfit to make it look appropriate for wear outside the home and gym.

What to Pair Leggings with in 2023?

Lately, I’ve been pairing my leggings with one of my favorite cardigan purchase.

Want an easy way to elevate your leggings outfit? Pair leggings with a cardigan. Here are a few other tips that I feel help make a simple leggings outfit a little more polished and chic for everyday style.


Three Simple Style Rules to Elevate Leggings Outfit

I use the word “rules” loosely here. But one of the easiest ways to make a tights or leggings outfit look stylish is to keep it monochromatic.

Any outfit that is monochromatic immediately looks polished. Leggings are no exception. I find that matching the color of my tights to the cardigan or sweatshirt creates a more cohesive thoughtful outfit.

Second tip is to add coordinating accessories. I’ve been wearing my new balance sneakers non-stop. They’re the most comfortable shoe and make my leggings outfit trendy and current. I’ve been pairing them with a cream bag which has quickly become a favorite too.

When your accessories are not competing with your leggings outfit, you’re creating a more streamlined look. Minimal and chic.

Last “rule” is to add jewelry. Sometimes when we choose to wear leggings it feels like we didn’t make an effort, but adding accessories like jewelry feels intentional. Makeup and hair and jewelry make me feel put together—even if it’s minimal and simple. Though lately, I’ve been on a bit of a maximalist jewerly kick.