Closet Staple Pieces To Try From Quince

Probably just like you, I kept seeing ads pop up for Quince on my social feeds, and after a while I grew curious. How is the quality of Quince cashmere? How are the prices so affordable for their silk? So I decided to find out.

Quince Clothing Review From My Recent Shopping Haul

To start, I have to be honest not everything I purchased was a hit. In fact, I had a few disappointments from my most recent purchase. But, I also ended up with a few closet staple pieces that I know will be in heavy rotation this Spring.

quince cashmere sweater review

Is the Quince Cashmere Worth It?

As I get older I’m noticing more and more that I am after building quality in my wardrobe and less about quantity. I don’t mind an occasional Amazon dupe, especially if it looks and feels identical. In fact, that makes me feel like I’m saving money.

However, I definitely started craving quality materials and looking at labels far more carefully. Even when it comes to vacation dresses, I am starting to mix in more sustainable items into my closet. So I was very curious if I would like Quince cashmere.

quince cashmere sweater review

I went with the best seller, their Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, which had over 12,000 reviews. (Quince does have a reward system in place if you leave a review for your purchase.)

I purchased the cashmere crewneck sweater in heather grey and I have to say I immediately fell in love. It looks and feels like $200 cashmere classic crewneck for only $50.

I knew instantly it will be a staple closet piece for me. I’ve been pairing it with jeans and sneakers for casual everyday, and for warmer days I have started to add it as a layering piece over my shoulders.

I’m planning to purchase this crewneck again in oatmeal, to be able to maximize wear. I definitely would recommend investing in quince cashmere and hope you find this review helpful.

quince cashmere sweater review

I also purchased the oversized cashmere sweater and I was equally impressed with the quality. I like having both as an option for when I want a more oversized look. I can also see how I’ll get a lot of use out of this sweater all year around.

quince dresses

Quince 100% Cotton Maxi Dress

First, let’s be honest. This Quince 100% Organic Cotton Tiered Maxi Dress is almost identical to the popular Anthropologie somerset maxi dress. I previously featured that dress in this post on how to find the perfect maxi summer dress.

Does the Quince version hold up to that same effortless chic but for fraction of the price? It’s a simple yes for me. I absolutely love this dress, and in fact could not decide which color to keep.

quince maxi dress review

I love the vibrant orange for summer months, meanwhile the black ( it also comes in other solid colors) is a classic you can wear over and over again.

Quince Boyfriend Cardigan Review

quince boyfriend cardigan

Add this to the list of another great closet staple. The Quince boyfriend cardigan is a great everyday cardi. I can easily see myself pairing it with denim shorts and tees all Spring and summer and of course maxi dresses in the Spring.

I was looking for a cream cardigan that was a true off white and this one was perfect. I would recommend sizing down in this one, as it’s already meant to be oversized.

Sizing Details for Shopping at Quince

In general, I found all of the items I ordered to be true to size. In general I would suggest sizing down in an item that was already meant to be oversized such as the boyfriend cardigan or the cashmere crewneck.

Otherwise, I found the fit to be fairly spot on on all items I received.

Delivery Details for Quince

One thing that I did find annoying is that all the items shipped separately in very inconspicuous packages, but lots of retailers do that now in effort to ship you items as fast as possible. Some things did take longer to arrive, but I also received great communication emails detailing shipping delays.

How to Return Items at Quince

I found the return policy to be fair and pretty straightforward. Unworn, tags attached items that didn’t work out were easy to ship back with a label provided by Quince.

Why are Quince Clothing So Affordable?

In short, Quince skips the middle man retailer and ships directly from factories they parrtner with around the globe. It’s important to note that sustainability and fair wages are a criteria that Quince follows when accepting new factories into their fold, so simply by not selling to a retailer and direct to consumer the items cost less but do not sacrifice quality and pair far wages.

What I returned From Quice

As I mentioned not everything was a hit in my shopping haul. I also purchased a cashmere tee. To be fair, I returned because ultimately I didn’t think I would get much wear out of this item. And I didn’t love how it fit me.

However, it is exactly similar to the J.Crew cashmere tee I’ve been eyeing and that is why I ordered it, at more than half the price.

Another item I sent back because of fit and quality were the joggers. This was the only item among several Quince orders that came in poorly made. The stitching was lose on the belt and the string was also coming undone.

I also didn’t love the fit on my body. Perhaps if I was taller. But, even despite these little hiccups my Quince review would be to give it a try to find staple closet pieces at fraction of the cost.

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