Five Chickpea Salads to Make This Season

honey roasted chickpea salad

The sChickpeas or garbanzo beans have lots of protein and dietary fiber, and they’re incredibly versatile. Blend them into creamy hummus. Bake them into crispy croutons. Add them to any of these five salads to make the most vibrant and yummy salads this season. Here are my favorite best chickpea salad recipes

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Fall Loading—The Capsule Shoe Guide

Fall capsule shoe guide

I’m never ready to say goodbye to summer but a few weeks of this heat wave and suddenly I am looking forward to all things fall. Halloween. Pumpkins. All the hashtag basic fall girl things. So, let’s get into it. Fall loading—the capsule shoe shopping guide.

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Current Favorites Summer Ready Edition

favorite summer outfit

And just like that we are only a few weeks away from summer. So it felt right to share my current favorites, in this summer ready edition. From skincare and beauty hacks to Amazon finds, this post has my current MVPs just in time for summer. Continue Reading…

Current Mother’s Day Wish List | Life is the Occasion

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s just a few days before my birthday, so this time of the year I always like to put together a wish list for myself. Sharing my current wish list of items I’m lusting over— hope it inspires you to find something special for yourself this season. Continue Reading…

How to Make an Espresso Martini

espresso martini recipe

A true espresso martini recipe  has only three ingredients. It’s simple, delicious and makes for a perfect after dinner treat or an afternoon pick me up. Here is how to make an espresso martini cocktail.

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