January Capsule Wardrobe

january capsule wardrobe

A winter capsule wardrobe built around casual and easy pieces that are versatile and comfortable to help you elevate your daily looks and make getting dressed fun again.

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Favorite Things November

I really love doing a monthly round up of favorite things. Mostly because it’s a chance to slow down time and review the past month. Then, it’s a chance to share new finds and items I loved over the last month of November. Here are a few of favorite things in November, and these are good. Promise!

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5 Little Ways I Reset When I’m Feeling Off

Holidays can be hectic and stressful, and for me that’s exactly when some of my bad habits sneak in. I notice right away when I start to feel sluggish. I know it’s my body and mind’s way of reminding me that I need a reset. A reset for me is always about little ways to start feeling my best. Here are 5 little ways I reset when I’m feeling off.

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How to Build a Winter Charcuterie Board

how to put build a winter charcuterie board

Entertaining season is here, and nothing is easier to serve to your guests than a cheese board. Here is how to make your winter charcuterie board look gorgeous and  appetizing. Read on for tips and tricks for the best winter charcuterie board.

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