Weekend Getaway to Mexican Wine Country

This year for my birthday, we decided on a weekend getaway to Mexican Wine Country. Just over the border, and much closer from Orange County than Napa Valley is Valle de Guadalupe. A region in Mexico that produces over 70 percent of Mexican wine and is home to over 130 wineries. Here is where to stay, where to eat and what to do in Mexican Wine Country.

best wineries in valle de guadalupe mexican wine country

Why You’ll Love Valle de Guadalupe and Mexican Wine

Valle de Guadalupe is known as the Napa of Mexico, because of its soil and weather similarities. This wine region in Mexico makes exceptional wine, and is home to over 100 vineyards.

Over the last several years it has also become a culinary destination with fresh seafood and farm to table restaurants and world renowned chefs.

The hotels over the years have also transformed this Baja destination into a truly relaxing and beautiful getaway.

beautiful wine country in mexico

Is It Safe to Visit Valle de Guadalupe?

We’ve crossed the border from San Diego to Tijuana many times, and though it can be a little tricky it’s perfectly safe. Here are a few tips if you’re driving over the borned to visit Mexican Wine Country.

We have Global Entry which includes SENTRI. This gets you access to the expedited lane to US and makes crossing the border quicker and easier.

We also always get car insurance, and stop at Baja Bound. They also have travel guides. It’s a scenic coastal drive through Ensenada to Valle de Guadalupe. Enjoy it and prepare to be blown away by the beauty of this place.

Buma the best winery in Mexican Wine Country

Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe

We stayed at La Cima de Valle. You get your own private suite, poolside bar and incredible sunset views and breakfast.

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, consider glamping in Baja California at Encuentro Guadalupe, here you get tiny little houses that stand alone. It’s also a beautiful place to stop by just for a wine tasting.

The most indulgent and easy stay would be at Bruma winery. It’s home to spectacular winery, the most celebrated restaurant in the region and you don’t have to leave the property.

El Cielo is another beautiful property that you don’t want to miss, with delicious wine and amazing views.

valle de guadalupe winery

Best Wineries in Mexican Wine Country

Monte Xanic was the first winery we visited. The wines were superb and the views were incredible. You must make reservations ahead of time, but those also get you a private tour of the winery. Their cheese plate included locally made cheese.

Our second stop was the Bruma winery, housed under a 300 year old oak tree and definitely worth making reservations for tasting and tour. I would also recommend staying here for lunch. One of my favorite dining experiences to date was at their wine garden restaurant.

charcuterie in valle de guadalupe

Must Eat Places in Baja California and Ensenada

For later in the day you can also make reservations at Fauna, one of the best restaurants in the Valle.

The above is a cheese plate we had at Monte Xanic. Prepare to be endlessly impressed by the food.

Last time we also visited the farm, Finca Altozano. I wrote about our previous trip to Baja here.

On the way home, stop at Rosarito, a touristy town perfect for picking up some trinkets and the long line for Tacos el Yaqui is 💯 worth the wait and hype.

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