How to Build a Winter Charcuterie Board

Entertaining season is here, and nothing is easier to serve to your guests than a cheese board. Here is how to make your winter charcuterie board look gorgeous and  appetizing. Read on for tips and tricks for the best winter charcuterie board.

This post is written in partnership with Gallo Salame, Inc., but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

how to put together a winter charcuterie board

Tips for Building the Best Charcuterie Board

There are a few trick to putting together a professional looking charcuterie board, one that looks both beautiful and appetizing.

One of the most important parts is creating visual interest on the board.

This means arranging your charcuterie board items keeping color contrast in mind and also creating visually interesting shapes.

how to put together a winter charcuterie board

Want your guests to be impressed?

Hands down arranging your meats and cheeses in an unique way will get your guests excited.

Gallo Salame® Deli Thin Sliced Dry Salami is perfect for creating the now super popular salami rose. Made with traditional Italian herbs & spices from recipes passed down through the generations and it’s always priced right.

Not sure how to do it? Keep reading.

I’ll show exactly how I create my salami rose, and other ways to fold your meats, Like the Gallo Salame® Delic Sliced Pepperoni, from Vons. 

How to Build a Winter Charcuterie Board

how to build a charcuterie board

What usually goes on a charcuterie board?

What you choose for your winter charcuterie board ingredients is completely up to you. But, I always like to make sure to have 2-3 different meats and cheeses.

I also like to add a few variety of crackers, something sweet and salty. That’s it! You can pick up everything you need at your local Vons. The Vons mobile app also makes it super convenient and easy to save extra.

A good way to make sure you have everything you need for an easy winter hors d’oeuvres is to display everything that you need and then assemble your charcuterie board.

Fresh herbs also go a long way in helping your board look. For a winter inspired board add rosemary sprinkled with sugar for that “snowy” branches look!

How to Style Your Charcuterie Board

You’re probably have seen the salami rose trend everywhere. Here is how to make it. Use a champagne flute or a white wine glass and simply layer your salami over the edge of the glass, as pictured above.

Then flip the glass over, and you’ll have a very pretty salami rose!

To create a variety, I also like to add pepperoni on a skewer and salami twists.

The trick to the twists is to fold your salami in half, and then in half again. When placing on your board, simply make a space that holds your salami twists allowing them to keep their shape.

how to build a charcuterie board