How to Style a Midi Denim Skirt

If you’re looking to add a little variety to your closet, a midi denim skirt is a great option to style with everything you already own. Just as versatile as a pair of jeans, a denim skirt is all the rage this season. Here is how I’m styling mine.

how i'm styling a midi denim skirt for fall and spring months

Midi Denim Skirt Outfits

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother to throw anything away. Fashion is so cyclical, that I feel like I am recreating my wardrobe from high school, does this mean I’m getting old!?

If only I would have saved those clogs, overalls and crop tops! So if you, unlike me have a denim skirt saved, it’s time to dig it out of your closet, because this season marks the return of the mini denim skirt, and I am really loving it.

denim skirt outfit

Depending on the length and wash of the denim, you can dress it up for work, or a night out. Make a Canadian tuxedo with a chambray top (which is  still my favorite and  most versatile item in my closet), or make it comfy day wear with a pair of converse.

denim skirt outfit with sneakers

Nordstrom options are pretty on point, from a-line denim skirt to pencil, mini or knee length, distressed or dark denim. Personally, I’m loving the heavy distressed look in a light denim. I’m also a big fan of colored denim skirts. Especially white or black denim skirt are a great capsule wardrobe item.

midi denim skirt outfit

I love pairing a denim skirt with a tank and throwing a sweater over my shoulders for extra warmth. I also love how a pointed heel elongates the leg with a skirt.

My Favorite Way to Style Denim

Though, I also find that midi skirt outfits work really well with sneakers. Basically to style a midi skirt, I suggest treating it similarly to a pair of jeans or denim cut offs. An essential and easy item to grab from your closet that will likely go with everything.

For longer shirts or t-shirt I recommend tucking them into the skirt to create more of a shape and belting the skirt for waist definition to break up the silhouette. I’ve been loving this Madewell belt, it adds a perfect amount of flair to any outfit.

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MANGO midi skirt * I recommend to size down

Pistola Alice Denim Midi Skirt

Madewell Midi Skirt in Pratt Wash

Shoes to Wear with Midi Skirts

A midi denim skirt goes really well with pointed toe heels or even ballet flats. This helps elongate the leg. I suggest avoiding a chunky boot or heel with midi skirts. In colder months, you can pair black or dark stockings with a sleek boot. An all black look will also help elongate the leg.

For casual style, I love pairing denim skirts with sneakers. I think it creates a fresh and modern look. For effortless style, I love samba sneakers or these classic reeboks.

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