My Favorite Casual Flats for Summer

My requirements for casual flats for summer from sandals to espadrilles and flip flops are fairly simple. In every pair of summer shoes I’m looking for comfort, quality and versatility. Here are my favorite casual flats for everyday simple summer style.

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Most Comfortable Summer Sandals

As much as I’m a fashion girlie, I’m also all about functionality and comfort. Especially as I get older. So I ordered some of the most popular summer sandal styles and here are my thoughts.

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The Must Have Summer Sandals

The two buckle trend introduced by the original Birkenstock sandal is still very much alive. One of my favorite styles is the updated version with the oversized gold buckle, particularly in this cream.

The popularity of this comfortable style has exploded, and there are several variations. Personally, I love this one. It’s a more sophisticated cousin of the original. If you’re looking for an everyday sandal that’s beyond the boring and the basics I love this one too.

The Dad Sandal Trend

This one is still here to stay, and what I love about the dad sandal shoe style is the comfort and functionality. What it may lack in style in the eyes of elder millenials it makes up in durability and comfort.

I pretty much hiked in these sandals last year on vacation and can say without a doubt they are the most comfortable summer sandals I own. I especially love this year’s platform and woven details.

If you like the look, but are not ready for the full on straps of the dad sandal vibes, this designer inspired version might be for you. Same comfort in a slightly different style.

More Timeless Summer Sandals You May Love

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If you’re not after the latest trends but still want a comfortable, classic sandal for the summer, these are always chic and can be worn to the pool or beach as easily as you can wear them with denim cut offs and summer maxi dresses.


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