Five Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet and Build Your Ultimate Wardrobe

Here are five steps to spring clean your closet and build your ultimate wardrobe. I’ve followed this system over the last few seasons and it has allowed me to fill my closet with clothes that I love and want to wear. And it has also helped me to shop smarter and develop my personal style. Let’s build a closet you love together. Here are the steps.

How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Step 1 | The Purge : Spring Clean Your Closet

Take out everything in your closet and create three piles. Keep. Donate. Throw Away. You can do this seasonally, so if you want to only focus on Spring cleaning right now, then take out everything you have for Spring/Summer.

This is the time to get really honest with yourself.

Rules to Follow : Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

  •  Toss or donate if it no longer fits you today.
  •  Throw it away, if it has holes or stains toss it
  •  If you have not worn it in a year, toss it or donate it
  •  Clothes with sentimental value should be put it in storage, away from your closet and daily view if you do not wear it.
  •  If you’re unsure about an item, keep it, but re-evaluate in a few months. If you still haven’t reached for it while the item was in season, toss it or donate it.

Step 2  Try on Session : Paring Down Your Wardrobe

Try on everything you kept. Yes, I know. Annoying. But, so very necessary. The benefit of this though outways the gruesomeness of the task. It might be a good idea to take a few selfies too.

There is actually a really fun way to save your outfit selfies on your phone in the notes app. Did you know this? Press the image of yourself on the screen hit save and copy and paste into your notes app. Make the image smaller and you have a catalog of outfits as a reference on your finger tips. 

Step 3 Create a Pinterest Board

This is my favorite part. Head over to Pinterest and type in something like “Spring style” or “Casual Spring Wardrobe” and start pinning images that resonate with you. Be honest with yourself while working on this part. The images you select should be outfit ideas for clothes you’d actually wear. Items you wish were in your closet and pieces that will compliment your life today.

Don’t pin work outfits if you’re a SAHM, or dressy outfits if you dress casual. Pin style that you gravitate towards.

Step 4 Outfit Building 

With your Pinterest board in mind, take a critical look at your wardrobe and see if you can copy some of your inspo images from what you already have. My guess is you’ll have lots of similar pieces. Take a photo of yourself in the outfit so you can remember to style your old clothes in this new way.

Make a note to take a photo and store it like I mentioned above for future reference.

Step 5 Build Capsule

Based on images you pinned and what is already in your closet, create a wish list of items that would help you copy more of the style you have naturally gravitated toward. Most likely you pinned a lot of similar ideas, look for similar items you’ve pinned, and if they’re not currently in your closet add them to your wishlist.

Now you have an actionable wish list for Spring and a way to shop this season without getting distracted. Every single piece you purchase should work with several existing items in your closet.

Bonus, this method also helps you save money as it eliminates impulse purchases and releases you from buying clothes just to buy. You now have intention you can put to build your dream wardrobe.

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