How to Layer Pillows on a Bed

Since upgrading to a king size bed, I’ve had some trouble figuring out the pillow situation. Specifically, how to layer pillows on a  bed? Do I need European shams? Should I have standard or king size pillows? How many pillows do I need? Are there pillow rules?! Thankfully, I found my answers below.

How to Make Your Bed Like a Designer

I love a luxurious, white bed, a lush rope with slippers and a beautiful view. Some people are hotel people and others are not. I’m a hotel person, so I always wanted my bed at home to resemble a beautiful hotel suite.

My sheets and bedding have been white for a few years now, and although I add pops of color here and there, I don’t think I will ever tire of the white.

I’m a pillow hoarder, so I want all the pillows on my bed to actually be useful and not just for decorating. I don’t love the idea of taking of half of the pillows before bed because they are purely for decoration. I want all the pillows to be purposeful.

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Style Your Bed Like a Professional

I found this very handy guide via Pottery Barn, on how to layer pillows on a bed. The diagrams below offer ideas for how to style pillows but also how to arrange pillows on a king size bed and how to make a queen bed.

How to layer pillows on a bed

These are of course just suggestions, but I found these guidelines really helpful.

After looking at these charts, I realized I had too many standard pillows that are too small and got lost on the bed.

Euro shams help anchor the bed and bring a sophisticated, effortless look without a ton of decorative pillows.

However, I found that I didn’t want to add euro shams. Instead, I opted to add four king size pillows and then two standard size pillows (which I hide behind the king size pillows when styling my bed).

I’m really happy with this configuration. Especially once I added the three velvet green decorative pillows covers. I used these pillow fillers to make them look even more luxe and they also give the perfect “chop” if that’s your thing. Personally, I love a little chop in my decorative pillow.

Ideas for Arranging Pillows on a Queen Size Bed

how to layer pillows on a queen size bed
How to layer pillows on a bed 1

You can also use euro shams to create that luxurious look for a queen or full size bed, as well as decorative pillows.

How to layer pillows on a bed 3

Creating a Luxurious Designer Style Bed at Home

I finally purchased some luxurious bedding for our king size bed. One of the best investments I’ve made was in purchasing this comforter. It’s a down alternative, but it feels heavy and it also has lots of volume. It totally has that  “wow” cloud effect because of how soft and pillowy it is. There is also a great Amazon version that I’m using in our guest bedroom.

I also updated our sheets. I splurged on Brooklinen sheets as they are known for their luxe sateen combination, but then I also found these Target sheets to be quite competative and way less expensive. I am very impressed by the quality and the price.

I finally got the hotel-like look for my primary bedroom, and it’s everything I ever dreamed it would be. I have a few more finishing touches like this mirror. I read that each room has to have at least seven textures to feel completely designed like a professional, so I love how this mirror adds that coastal look and brings additional texture to the space.

Shop Everything You Need to Create a Modern Bed

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