5 Budget Friendly Steps to Modern Coastal Home

5 budget friendly steps to  transform your space into an organic modern coastal home.

Over the last year we did quite a lot to our home. While we did splurge on a small kitchen glow up, it wasn’t the most impactful remodel in our home. In fact, it was the budget friendly steps to modern coastal home that really made the difference.

Modern coastal design is a fresh, simplified take on traditional coastal decor.

The style emphasizes natural materials, including light-colored woods, wicker, and rattan. What makes the look coastal modern instead of traditional is that the “beachy” vibes are implied through color palette, wicker, rattan and other textural elements instead of bold nautical accessories and illustrated beach canvases.


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5 Budget Friendly Steps to Modern Coastal Home


One of the most important steps to creating the space that we loved was to declutter. I got rid of everything and anything that we no longer needed. From plethora of coffee cups and glasses and extra coffee machines to baby clothes, furniture and anything that was broken or stained.

More simply. Anything that didn’t have sentimental value, was no longer being used and didn’t spark joy.


We opted to paint our entire home. Painting alone was transformative for our space.

We went with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace throughout our home. The house instantly became brighter and bigger.

Window Dressings

We removed faux dark wood blinds and opted for these Pinch Pleat Linen Curtains. They are fraction of the cost of custom drapes, but

I also placed the curtain rods almost at our ceiling, creating a lot more height and depth in the room. I would say this was one of the most rewarding transformations. The hardware was a splurge but it really helped elevate the look of the coastal modern space.


I got rid of a lot of our chachkas. A lot of frivolous items throughout the home that didn’t create the organic coastal home I wanted. This also helped create a much cleaner, simplified space.

Instead I focused on adding texture and natural elements to every space. Woven details, natural woods and a toned down color palette helped create a calm and relaxing space.

Budget Friendly Swaps & Decor

While I did not purchase a lot of new furniture, the pieces that I did buy helped achieve the modern coastal home aesthetic. The addition of our dining chairs,console table,among other pieces helped define the style of our home.

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