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If you want to create an effortless summer capsule wardrobe, one of the easiest ways to do so is by focusing on a collection that’s versatile, yet cohesive. Here is a quick fire guide to building a mini capsule for summer travel.

kohls style mini summer haul

Neutral Capsule Wardrobe Finds for Summer

One of the easiest ways to create a flexible and effortless wardrobe for summer is to stick to a color palette. This helps make all of the pieces interchangeable.

Here are my finds from a recent stop at Kohls. These pieces are all affordable, comfortable and give you limitless options for summer.

The Perfect Linen Set for Summer

This set stopped me in my tracks when I spotted it, it was so perfect for summer. I also love that this set is easy to pair with other items making it an ideal versatile item to add to a summer capsule closet.

linen set for summer

Wearing a small in both the top and the bottom.

crochet top
easy summer style

Love how it pairs with this crochet top, one of the seasons’ most popular styles.

Trendy Pieces to Add to Your Summer Capsule Closet

I also love that this year satin pajama pants are in style. What a great and comfortable option for summer style and they pair well with everything.

vest for summer style

Pair the colorful satin pants with another summer trend, the vest. Both of these pieces are so versatile and fun to add to your summer closet. Mix in a bright colored cardigan for cooler nights and your summer style is set.

Perfect 4th of July Maxi Dress

Let’s start with the fact that this dress has pockets. It’s under $40 and such a great addition to summer.

summer 4th of july dress

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