The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

the ultimate guide to the best gifts for dad

I stumbled across a survey of what dad’s definitely DO NOT WANT for Father’s Day. Men in your life said “no” to a gym memberships, and a big “no thank you” to  underwear and ties. That’s right. Don’t buy them undies.

So with these standards out of the question, what the heck is there left to give to the dad’s in your life? I have a couple of ideas, both homemade and purchasable items to make any father figure in your life feel extra loved and special this Father’s Day. Take a look at The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide below.

the ultimate gift giving guide for men

1. Frame it

Most men in my life are gentle, sentimental creatures, so a simple frame with kind, loving words and a beautiful photo is a great option.

2. Sipping essentials

The sentimental men in my life also like coffee.  You can find tons of mugs on Etsy that are cute and useful.

3. A man cave must

You might not think a candle is a great Father’s Day gift, but with scents like Sandalwood and Tobacco and Bourbon you may change your mind, and so will Dad.

4. Personalize it

BBQ gifts are typical, but who would turn down a cutting board with their name carved in it? We got one for our wedding anniversary and it’s a favorite and a great conversation started every time we entertain.

5. Buy a useful gag gift

Or a “Grillfather” apron.

6. Make ’em a pro

Something about a go-pro camera turns dudes into superheroes, with option to strap it on to anything and carry it underwater, if a Dad in your life is into any type of sport, this will make him  feel like a pro.

7. Make ’em smell good

There are tons of men’s grooming products on the market, because men like all that stuff as much as I do. Even if they don’t often admit it. Lotions, soaps, aftershave and colognes are a fun splurge. I really like the Jack Black line of products for men, and Mau is a big fan of the Bliss line, especially the lemon and sage.

8. A gift for everyone

If dad likes his tunes, the Bose Bluetooth Speaker is pure awesome. It connects via bluetooth with your phone and the quality is surprisingly great for such a tiny item. We take ours to the beach all the time. A gift everyone will enjoy is the ultimate Father’s Day gift, right?

The Ultimate DIY Father’s Day Gift Guide

So many of our holidays are focused around gift giving, and while it’s nice to recognize someone on their special day, what I think is most valuable is spending time and showing that person how much you care.

*Unless their love language is receiving gifts. Then buy the most expensive thing on my gift list!

1.  Organize a beer tasting at home

All you need is a variety of beers, and dad’s favorite food for the occasion. You can even make your own beer tasting score cards, or print these out for the occasion.

2. DIY Spa night

The other night I treated Mau to a foot spa night. I’ve been wanting to get him to go to a nail salon or foot spa with me, but we haven’t made the time.

So after he had a really rough day, I decided to create one at home.  I often do it for myself, so including him was easy.

A little soak, foot rub and a pedi along with a beer and surfing on the tube was a great way to unwind and made him feel special. A fun treat for your baby daddy on his special day.

3. Make it a family affair

Join along on dad’s favorite activity. Fishing, golfing, shooting. Whatever dad really enjoys, enjoy it with him as a family!




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