Weekly Menu Ideas

For a while now I’ve made the same weekly meals, and for the most part it’s ok because everyone likes them, and they’re easy! But, it also gets a bit repetitive. So last week I switched it up. If you’re also stuck with the same weekly menu ideas, I thought I’d share mine.

Monday—Turkey Meatloaf 

On Monday, I made a turkey meatloaf with some fingerling potatoes and green beans. It was simple and comforting and exactly the kind of meal I crave when it’s cold.

Click here for the meatloaf recipe I used. 

For the potatoes I simply boiled them and then tossed then with one clove of garlic (chopped), a few sprigs of dill (chopped) and a tablespoon of butter and salt and pepper to taste. It’s a Russian style potato and it’s always a hit. The fingerlings even taste cold the next day in a salad.

Tuesday— Spicy Fish Tacos

I made cod fillet tacos and a side salad. We also had some leftover rice, so it worked out. I planned this meal around the fact that we also had flour tortillas to use up, but they went bad by Tuesday so Mauricio had to run out to get some. A little bit of a fail on my part, but the tacos turned out well. 

Here is the fish taco recipe 


Wednesday —Chicken Piccata

This was definitely the runner-up of the week. I also add capers to this recipe and use organic chicken tenders, which cuts down on the time it takes to slice chicken breast in half. I then simply use the kitchen hammer to make the tenders even thinner and they cook in just a few minutes. 

The boys had rice with this dish, and I also made a big salad for us. 

I use this Williams Sonoma recipe as inspo 


Thursday —Moroccan-Spiced Grilled Lamb Chops with Cous Cous

The clear winner of the weekly menu ideas were the lamb chops. I haven’t made them in maybe a year or two, and they were so easy and delicious to eat that they will definitely be making an appearance on our menu rotation again. 

Fun fact: I actually have the 2004 Food & Wine cook book in my kitchen and have made a lot of meals from it— and it reminded me that I should pop open a recipe book once in a while instead of heading straight to Pinterest for dinner inspo. 

Here is the Moroccan-Spiced Lamp Chop recipe. It’s delicious. 

Friday—Clams and Linguine

 At least that’s what I wrote down for our menu on Friday. In actuality, we ended up rounding up all of the leftovers and having a hodgepodge meal. I didn’t buy the clams ahead of time, and was just going to pop into our seafood market last minute, so no food was wasted. 

But, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, here is my all time favorite comfort food to make.Linguine and clams in white wine sauce

Cheers to a new week full of possibilities. 




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