Baby Essentials Second Time Around

It’s been almost two weeks into life as a mom of two boys. I thought I’d share the essentials that I got for the baby the second time around. The best part of being a mom for the second time is knowing exactly what you’ll need and also the “extras” that you know you won’t need.


new baby essentials

Another advantage of a second baby of the same sex is that most of the items I saved from Fernando’s days as a baby will come in handy.  Lots of onesies and muslin blankets are on rotation from the first time around. As well as the baby bathtub and a  swing

But also a few new things that I discovered the second time around. Here is my list of what you’ll need to welcome your newborn home.


What Your Baby Really Needs


  • When we brought Fernando home, he slept in a crib from day one. This time around, it made more sense for our family to have a bassinet  so that we can move Sebastian from upstairs to downstairs more easily.  I was considering more expensive bassinets but decided to try this more reasonable bassinet instead. I’m glad I did, we’re really happy with it so far. There is a vibrating setting as well as noise machine built in and I really like the mesh sides so that I can see Sebastian when he sleeps. The only thing I would change is that you cannot move the bassinet up or down. Our bed is high up and I would have loved to have the ability to move it up a little higher.
  • One of my favorite purchases so far has been this bottle warmer. I did not get it the first time around and thinking back I wish someone advised me to spend a few bucks so that I can easily warm up baby bottles, especially during the night.
  • Because I had such a hard time nursing the first time around, I decided to exclusively pump, so investing in a good pump and also baby bottles has been essential. These bottles have been great for newborn feeds.
  • This bottle brush  is wonderful for cleaning the baby bottles, my pump and even our hydroflasks.
  • We used a doc a tot with Fernando and it really helped with him sleeping longer stretches, so I was thrilled when doc a tot sent us their deluxe version for newborn to 6 month olds. We also traveled a lot with our doc a tot the first time around, so I know it will come in handy once we start venturing out on overnight adventures. Also, the new prints are so cute!



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More Baby Must Haves

  • Of course I couldn’t just let my second little one only wear hand me downs, so I bought a few sets of these onesies from H&M. I love the packs of neutral tones and they’re perfect for newborns. I was a big fan of H&M this year, not only for the boys but also for myself.
  • Also, couldn’t resist this beautiful tie dye set I found on Etsy.
  • I ended up getting the boppy pillow a few months after F was born, and I wished that I had it since birth. It’s so much more comfortable to feed the baby with this thing!
  • I also found the cutest cover options on Amazon. How cute are these?
  • While F wouldn’t take a paci, Sebi has been loving these. Boy, I didn’t realize how much easier it is when your baby can soothe themselves with a pacifier.
  • This baby tub hand me down was also a great keep for the second time around. Baby seabass loved his first bath at home, and I also purchased these cloth
  • We were also super lucky to receive our carseat and stroller. We actually used Britax car seat for Fernando and while we have had about three different car seats for him since, the Britax was our most favorite. Not only did it feel safe for our newborn but it was also the easiest in terms of installation and ease of use.
  • I’ve already used the stroller too, for a little adventure to Target and was able to easily get the stroller out of my car, pop it open and get the baby in and out with his car seat.
  • I also purchased this support pillow for a newborn. Sebi looks so cozy in his 🙂


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