New Mom & Baby Faves 2020

This new mom & baby faves 2020 post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx, all opinions are mine alone.

First baby, I was prepared with everything months in advance. Second baby?! I haven’t bought a thing and we are more than half way along this pregnancy. Plus, so much has changed. So many new products and so much new research. Luckily, BabbleBoxx sent over new mom & baby faves 2020. Sharing everything I received below.

best new mom and baby faves 2020

New Mom & Baby Faves 2020

best baby products 2020

My First Horoscope— an astrology book with beautiful illustrations by Rachel McAllister is a sweet way to get to know your baby through their astrological sign.This would make a great baby shower gift for a new mom too. Find the book here.

best baby products 2020

New Mom & Baby Faves Teething Essentials

Lil’ Squish Jellyfish — a sensory rattle and teether with fun variety of textures for those pesky teething months. Visit and use code FALL50 to get 50% off now until 09/30/20.

Magical Unicorn Training Toothbrush— the cutest toothbrush with soft bristles that feels good on those teething gums. Visit and  use code FALL50 to get 50% off now until 09/30/20.

Mystical Dragoon Toothbrush—dishwasher and freezer friendly silicone training toothbrush for those teething gums. Visit and use code FALL50 to get 50% off now until 09/30/20.

best baby products 2020

SimpliFed Virtual Lactation —schedule a virtual consultation at and find more information on not only breastfeeding, but also other options and which is best for you and your baby. Use code: “BesosAlina-SimpliBox110” for 10% off.

best baby products 2020

New Mom & Baby Bath Time Essentials

Calming Baby Bathhydrating and tear-free formula contains Lavender & Chamomile to help sooth baby for bed. Find Baby Magic products here

Calming Baby Lotion— Soft Lavender & Chamomile scent lock in moisture post bath for gentle skincare Baby Magic has been known for decades. Find the lotion here.

Gentle Baby Lotion — the classic scent of Baby Magic in a quick absorbing formula with aloe and anti-oxidant rich vitamins. Shop the lotion here.

Also, September is Baby Safety Month and Baby Magic will be donating a portion of proceeds of its white-tagged 30 oz Gentle Baby Lotion, Calming Baby Bath, and Calming Baby Lotion to Baby2Baby—an organization that provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with all the basic necessities every child deserves. This promotion will run until supplies last. 

baby faves

New Mom & Baby Faves to Make Life Easier

Auto-Dish Detergent Pods from Lemi Shine —non-toxic cleaning detergent pods are powered by natural citric extracts, a great choice for your baby and the environment.

Find them at Lemi Shine, Amazon or Walmart.

disney playlist

Disney Lullaby Playlist download the Disney Lullaby playlist for a sweet sleep routine for your baby. Imagine your favorite Disney tunes transformed into lullabies.

Find the playlist on your preferred music streaming platform. You can also find the Disney Lullaby playlist on Philips Pregnancy app.

b12 vitamins

Pink Get up & Go B12 Fast Dissolve Tabs—quick dissolving tablets with mixed berry flavor for a lively blend of 5000 mcg of Vitamin B12 and the important amino acid L-Carnitine. Visit for $2.50 off coupon.

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