What I’m Rebuying Beauty, Skincare + Makeup Edition

Sharing beauty, skincare and makeup I’ve been using and loving over the last few months and what I’m rebuying.

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Skincare Products I’m Currently Loving

For some reason I never take better care of my overall skin than when I am pregnant. Maybe it’s because that is the only thing you can really control as your body is changing and really the only way you can try and support it.

One of the first purchases I made when I found out I was expecting was this body tonic. I used it through out my first pregnancy in hopes of preventing stretch marks and it ended up one of my favorite parts of skincare. The smell is luxurious and the oil seeps into your skin fairly quickly and works as a great moisturizer. It’s made from plant extracts and feels phenomenal. This time around I am ordering my third bottle.

Another friend also highly recommended this body partner to use along with the body tonic. Well worth the hefty price tag, especially if you are working to get rid of cellulite and have smoother skin and use are a believer in skin brushing.


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Beauty Products I’m Rebuying

I started using this cleanser a few months ago and it has been my favorite cleanser I’ve used to date. I just placed a refill order for the cleanser. You can use code “Alina15” if you would like to try it for yourself.

Another item that I’ve been crazy about using has been La Mer micellar water, however I tried this one instead and now I use it nightly to clean my skin of all makeup before cleansing. It’s such a game changer and I can’t believe I’ve lived so long without using micellar water as part of my nightly beauty routine. And since it’s under $10 I highly recommend you make this your number one step when taking off makeup.

Next on my list was to replace my vitamin C serum. Since I currently can’t use any retinol product, I’ve been going the more natural route and using this serum has really made a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. I especially love wearing it as a base before applying sun block and concealer.

Though I’m a big fan of this serum, I’ve decided to finally take the plunge and splurge on the holy grail of all vitamin C serums on the market. I’ve been dying to. try this product because it’s rated so high and right now since I can’t quite dive back in to my anti-aging skincare, it seems to be a great time. Total splurge, but I’m curious if it’s worth the hype.

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Makeup I’m Rebuying and the New Product I Can’t Live Without

A few months ago I decided to finally try this makeup and only use it for special occasions. I ended up loving it so much that I started to wear it almost every day. It’s so lightweight and conceals my redness without making me feel like I’m wearing a ton of product. Actually, a tiny little bit goes a very long way so although the price tag may seem steep it’s well worth it for how effective this double wear by Estee Lauder truly is.

To date, one of my favorite concealers/makeup I purchased and will definitely be rebuying.

Another favorite I’m repurchasing is the shape tape. This one lasts forever and I love using it under my eyes for that extra brightening.  It can go one kind of dry, so I like to use my under eye cream in that area to help the shape tape go on smoothly.

After trying a ton of different highlighters I seem to always come back to this glowy duo. You can see by the photos how much I really love this Pixi products and you can pick it up at Target next time. The highlighter tones are just so pretty and it goes on smoothly and gives such great shimmer.

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