Favorite Things From November

I spent most of November anxiously anticipating our trip to Philadelphia, and now looking back the entire month prior to our trip seems to be a blur. A few months ago, I wrote about traveling with a newborn, now that baby FLO is almost 9 months (!) I knew the trip would be different. A lot different. Nonetheless, our trip to Philly was definitely one of my favorite things from November, and baby FLO handled travel like a pro. Now, on to other favorites from the last month.[Knit Sweater\\Jeans (on sale!)\\Boots (similar+ great price!) \\ Baby FLO’s sweater \\Baby FLO’s mocks]


One of my girlfriends gifted me dry shampoo after the baby was born. Little did she know I have already been steadily relying on this one. I tried quite a few and this one was by far the best one. I typically have to wash my hair every other day, but now if I add dry shampoo on the second day, that third day is doable. It’s such a savior for me, I don’t even know how any of us survived before dry shampoo.

For me the trick has been to apply liberally on the scalp. Let the magic potion dry up your oily scalp, and then blow dry and style. It’s important to wait a few moments before styling your hair. If you have any other tricks to avoid hair washing, I’m all ears! He he.


A week before we left for Philadelphia I was invited to preview the new Fall menu for True Foods Kitchen. I’ve eaten there a few times, and knew it was  definitely a health focused restaurant, but I didn’t realize how passionate and dedicated True Kitchen was to creating food that is simply better for us.

As we sampled the menu, all of which is absolutely delicious, the chef discussed each dish, as well as the overall philosophy inspired by Dr Weils, an alternative medicine “guru.”

Although we eat fairly healthy, I really want to dive deeper into cooking with real, seasonal ingredients. Less semi-homemade and more farm to table. It was a really inspiring and tasty dinner. Next, I want to focus on recipes that are better for us, avoid sugar, better identify whole grains, cook seasonally and also portion control.



Baby FLO is at a stage where he pulls everything into his mouth. Napkins, socks and food are all a go. But this also makes for a great opportunity for me to feed this baby all kinds of things. I’m having so much fun having him taste everything we are eating. Sometimes I get a litte too carried away and mix too many fruits and veggies, but most of my concoctions have been successful.

Another favorite thing right now is to dine out with Baby FLO, since he is able to sit in a high chair, it really feels so special that he is at the table with us. We let him chew and taste on whatever we are eating. He loves french fries, and the other night I gave him a taste of my French Onion soup and his eyes lit up! But, the best way I found to keep baby FLO  happy and occupied at the table have been these puffs. We get to eat out, and the baby gets to work on his pincer grasp. Mom win!


I already proclaimed my love for wrap dresses, midi skirts and chunky knits this year. I wore this wrap dress for Thanksgiving, and it’s still my favorite. I’m currently on the hunt for a holiday party dress and a New Year’s Eve dress. I just purchased this one , but I think I want something a bit more sparkly for NYE, or maybe something velvet. This is the best time of the year to splurge on a little party dress!

Can’t believe it’s already December. Happy Holidays, everyone!