How to Embellish Jeans | DIY Tutorial

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You’ll love this easy tutorial for how to embellish jeans. This is an easy DIY that will give new life to an old pair of jeans.

diy embellished jeans

Why You Should Embellish Your Jeans?

Each season I clear out my closet and part with things that I no longer wear or no longer fit. These jeans were originally in the toss pile. Then, I thought why not give them new life by embellishing them.

Embellished jeans are always on trend. Just look at this pair with the crystal embellishment.

t’s also a great way to update a piece in your wardrobe that you might not feel is trendy anymore.

A denim jacket can get a new look with a few embroidered pearls like this one.

Supplies You Need To Embellish Your Denim Jeans


jewels or pearls

hot glue gun

gem tac glue ( if you don’t want to use the hot glue gun)

tweezers—for easier application.

jeans or any denim for the DIY

How to Add Embellishments to Your Jeans

Before I added anything to these jeans, I cut the hem. I think the short, above ankle raw hem made these old jeans a little more modern.

If you’re not sure how to create a raw hem, check out this post for a quick tutorial.

DIY embellished jeans


  1. First create a design or pattern with your jewels or pearls.
  2. Then wait for your glue gun to heat up and start by placing each piece carefully following your design.
  3. Let the glue completely dry before trying your item on.
  4. That’s it. Your DIY embellished jeans are ready to wear.

Tips and Best Practices for Embellishing Your Jeans

When doing this project again I found that gem tac glue worked just as well as the hot glue.

It’s much easier to apply crystals or gems to your denim with tweezers.

Take your time creating the design you want so you’re confident about your project.

how to embellish your jeans a diy tutorial for how to add flair and embellishments to your jeans.

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