5 Bags Every Woman Should Own

Handbags are my favorite accessory period. But, when it comes to shopping for one and actually committing  to a purchase that part isn’t so easy. I love quality bags, but I also don’t want to spend a small fortune on just one purse. Every girl needs options, and we don’t need to sacrifice quality or rock one designer bag forever. So I sat down and figured out exactly how many handbags I would actually find useful. Here are the 5 bags every woman should own.

[[ BB Dakota blouse / similar// Topshop jeans // Booties /similar // Sunglasses // Coach Handbag (last year’s)/similar/]]

I’m pretty picky when it comes to handbags, so I look for bags that are not only appealing  but also are well made and practical. Whether it’s a splurge or save, I still want to make sure I am making a smart purchase.

With all the styles out there, I only find there to be a few that I personally gravitate towards the most. I wanted to share with you not only the purpose of each handbag in my arsenal but also the styles that I find to be the most classic and versatile at all price points. 

1. The Everyday Bag

This is the bag you reach for when you have a couple of errands to run, the one that likely has your favorite lip gloss and receipt from that shirt you were going to return. Basically, it’s the bag that has your life in it and without you’d be lost. The problem with this bag is that we often abuse it to the point of no recognition, which isn’t fair.

I’m not one to spend a lot of money on top designer handbags, but I do believe it’s important to splurge just a little and make sure your everyday bag is your beautiful sidekick and not a beat up old duster.

For an everyday handbag, I love a boho style shape, but lately I’ve been super into the bucket handbag trend. I like my hands free when running errands, especially now with a baby, so I always opt for a bag that has a cross body strap. I also like my bags a bit roomy and with a few compartments so I can pretend to be organized or at the very least locate my phone and wallet somewhat easily.

I like the idea of having an everyday bag that isn’t just black or brown, and instead, finding a deep purple or red boho for a pop of color.

Here are a few everyday bags I’m loving at the moment 

2. A Neutral Tote

This is without a doubt one of my favorite handbag styles. I’ve owned this Tory Burch York Tote for a couple of years now, and it still looks brand new. It’s such quality leather which makes an excellent everyday bag, especially if you need to fit a laptop for work. It’s also my go-to travel tote, because I can easily fit everything I need, and still look put together. Something about the structure of this bag, and all totes in general, makes me feel put together, regardless of what I’m wearing.

I also love the super budget-friendly faux leather tote Nordstrom has carried for a few years now. It’s incredibly soft, but still durable enough for daily use.

One thing to consider when looking for a neutral tote are the lighter colors. If you’re going to go on the lighter side, stay away from wearing dark wash jeans, as they can rub against the leather and stain your handbag.

Here are a few other totes I’m loving at the moment 

3. The Weekend Small Saddle

This is the smaller version of your everyday bag, except it gets to accompany you to fun events like festivals and brunch. It holds all of your essentials without the burden of having a heavy bag with you. It’s a cute accessory to hold just the essentials. I have an older version of this Marc Jacobs bag and I love how easy it is to toss in a few things and feel put together. I also love having a crossbody strap, so my hands are free (to hold a glass of champagne or my child, or both).

Small saddle handbag styles or even a small satchel with a crossbody strap are my favorites for the weekend.

Here are a few other weekend handbags I’m loving at the moment 

4. The Evening Clutch

This is an elegant, more refined older sister of the weekend saddle. This bag is for evenings out. I like to either go super bold with a bright color and use it as a neutral if I’m wearing a toned down outfit, or keep it very basic with a simple black clutch with gold details or a tan or light beige one. An evening handbag that also has a strap is so clutch—no pun intended, but I often also use my wallet as an evening bag!

Here are a few other evening bags I’m loving at the moment


5.The Black Tie Event Evening Clutch

You’re probably thinking, “why do I need another ‘special’ clutch, can’t I just use my wallet again?” You can, but it’s not really going to work with the gown you bought for that wedding. I don’t think you need to buy a new clutch every time you have a special event to attend, but you can invest in one that will work with any formal evening you have in the future. The trick is to either choose a metallic or embellished clutch that will work with any outfit and heels.

Here are a few special occasion clutches I’m loving at the moment