Everyday Casual Makeup | My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Simple everyday makeup for quick five minute routine for women over 40. Also knowns as everything I wear daily to feel my best, and a routine that takes me less than 5 minutes using affordable makeup products I love and have repurchased.

everyday casual makeup

Natural Looking Makeup For Over 40

As someone who wears makeup everyday, I noticed a long time ago that taking the time to put on makeup lifts my overall mood. For everyday, I don’t do heavy, glam makeup, though. Instead, a do a quick 5 minute minimal makeup routine that just makes me feel better and more put together.

It’s the same idea behind getting dressed everyday, even to spend the entire day at home. It feels better on the inside for me to look better on the outside.

easy and affordable everyday makeup for women over 40

My Simple Makeup Routine for Over 40

CeraVe Mineral Tinted Sunscreen—if I was to be stranded on a island, this is the one thing I would grab for my face. I started using more expensive tinted sunscreens but found this CeraVe one is top tier. I use it every single day and on good skin days that’s all my face needs. It helps even out my redness and gives a light glow. Super hydrating and perfect amount of tint.

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream—On days that I need a little more coverage I reach for this full coverage CC+ cream. It’s specifically formulated for older skin, and a little goes a long way. I’m linking to the mini version so you could try it. In general, I think this just might be the best foundation for women over 40.

Nars Concealer— This is one of my favorite concealers that I’ve tried lately. It goes on creamy and doesn’t crease as much as some others.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara—Drugstore mascara forever! Ive tried so many expensive brands and I find this one is still one of my favorites. The switch I made recently now that I’m in my 40s is to use brown mascara. I feel like it’s not as harsh as the black and creates an overall softer look.

Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeliner—I like the flexibility of this one for everyday, you can smudge it a little or make a thin line just to brighten the eye a little bit.

Summer Fridays Lip Oil —maybe it’s the millenial in me, but I will always be a fan of fried chicken lips 🙂 juicy, simple and shiny that’s my happy lip formula.

Nars Blush Bronzer Duo— I don’t do much contouring for everyday, so this duo is perfect for a little color and instant radiant glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Brow Definer—another product that I have repurchased countless of times. It’s perfect to fill out sparse eyebrows and also to make thin or heavier strokes as needed.

Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush—If you’re going to do your makeup than you might as well spritz your face with this air brush spray. Typically, I do my make up in the morning and I don’t touch up the rest of the day, likely thanks to this product.

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