10 Tips for Best Sleep | How to Improve Quality of Sleep

Nothing makes you value sleep more than an arrival of a new baby in the home. And the older we get the worse the quality of our sleep becomes. Now that the kids are older, I was determined to improve the quality of our sleep and wake up rested. Here are 10 tips for better sleep.

how to get better sleep

My Best 10 Tips To For Better Sleep

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally / General Good Sleep Habits

silk pillowcases — I purchased these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are worth every penny to me. First, once I saw how wrinkled the pillowcases are after I sleep on them I realized just how much I toss and turn and sleep on my face, which sadly causes wrinkles. But another benefit is less frizzy hair and cool sensation on the pillow. Worth the splurge in my opinion.

blackout curtains—We recently had our bedroom repainted and I had them remove and patch all holes from our hardware because I wanted to place the curtains higher. We had to sleep a few nights with bare windows and it was a good reminder for how important a blackout curtain is for better nights sleep.

air purifier— We purchased our first air purifier for the living room and I wasn’t convinced. But, after seeing the filthy filter we added this air purifier to every bedroom in our home. If you suffer from allergies it’s a total game changer. Another benefit is that it creates a bit of white noise (if you want it to) which also helps stay asleep, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood.

Brooklinen luxe sheet bundle—Switching out our bedding last year for this set was one of my favorite decisions. Our bed feels like a five star hotel. Honestly, I still love that I went for all white bedding, something about it is just so timeless and luxurious. Like forever vacation vibes.

humidifier—if you have allergies this is a must. We have one for each of the kids, but also for me. It’s not the sexiest nightstand look, but I definitely notice a difference when I remember to turn it on before bed.

pajamas—this satin night gown was my favorite buy of the last few months. It feels beautiful on the skin, and I love the print. It’s also presentable enough to walk downstairs and get a coffee, even if you have company over.

Other Tips for Better Sleep

  • Going to Bed Early—Mau has been traveling again, and I made myself promise that I will go to bed early each night since I’m parenting solo. But, the truth is he is much better at getting us to bed early. I always end up finishing whatever show we are watching, instead of going to bed. But, on nights I do make it to bed early, I never regret it. Especially since the kids wake up super early.

  • Leaving my phone downstairs instead of by my nightstand. This helps me avoid endless scrolling and also shopping (!) If you can master going to bed without your phone, better nights’ sleep is promised to you. I swear.

  • Speaking of anti-aging. I recently purchased the most ridiculous item on Amazon. It’s a chest silicone pad to prevent wrinkles on your décolleté. I noticed that the skin around my neckline has started to show signs of aging and sun damage. This is a great and inexpensive fix for preventing wrinkles, especially if you’re a side sleeper like me. Does this lead to better sleep. Maybe, since you’ll be way less worried about wrinkling your neckline. And if you’re a side sleeper, you need to get this ASAP.