Top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with my guide featuring the best finds of what the #Nsale has to offer.

I was lucky to preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, and I’ve scoured the entire website to find the best deals. Here are my favorite picks for the sale. Items worth the investment that you’ll feel good about getting for nearly half off.

How Does the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Works

Here is how the sale works. First, VIP shoppers get to shop online and at the store—people who spend more than $5,000 at Nordstrom a year.

Then, it’s open to card members and finally the general public.

The best thing to do is to sign up for the Nordstrom card, because they are offering 60 dollar note, which means you get $60 cash to shop! So, if you want access to shop the sale now and don’t want to wait until it opens to the general public get the card!

If you don’t want to get the card, don’t worry Nordstrom is pretty good at restocking their sale items.


Why Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You can count on #nsale for really deep discount on a lot of quality labels. It’s tough to shop for the season ahead but right now is the time to get a quality sweater you’ll wear all fall for under $50, or pay $100 for Hunter Rain boots instead of $198.


The #nsale can be super exciting, because the deals are truly great. But, it’s also overwhelming because the sale covers so much. Previously, I only looked at apparel, but this year I was surprised how many items were sale in other categories such as beauty and home. So, this year after looking at the full Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog, I chose only those items that were a great deal.

It’s also hard to shop the sale because most of the items are for fall. So it can be tough to buy sweaters, jeans and booties right now. But, this is the time to do it because things are on major sale. Though, if you like something you have to act fast. I had to take two sweaters, boots and a tote bag off my list because they were already sold out.