The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail: A Spicy Pear Martini

I know it’s the holiday season because I am a ball of anxiety and I’ve canceled plans with two friends this week, because I just can’t seem to focus on anything but all the holiday prep that I haven’t been doing. What I have been doing though, is thinking about all the cocktailing and the eating I am going to do. We basically roll with the same menu every year, and it’s the only time that I get to have all of this carb loaded goodness. I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to drink. We’ll be at my house. I’m not driving anywhere and there will be enough relatives for someone to keep an eye on the baby—so this mama can relax. Which is why I  decided to infuse my own vodka with spices and pears, and make up the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail: a  spicy pear martini! We are a week out, which is the right amount of time for you to infuse your vodka with this recipe  over the weekend, and join me in getting tipsy this Thanksgiving! 

The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail | Spicy Pear MartiniIf infusing your own vodka is out of the question, you can cheat by buying a flavored vodka, I’m sure there is a pumpkin spice version out there, or a vanilla or pear. But, if you’re thinking you don’t want to infuse your own because it’s too complicated, let me assure you it’s not. Heck, I did it!

How to Infuse Your Own Vodka

I wanted a Thanksgiving inspired cocktail and settled on a spicy pear flavor. To infuse simply pour vodka in a large container, add pear and spices and let it sit on your counter for a week or at least a couple of days. The spices and the fruit turned my vodka brown, and I didn’t think it was going to be as delicious until I strained it into a bottle and put it in the fridge.

After a few days in the fridge, it turned out super well and I think I may do it again for Christmas/Hannukah or New Year’s.

Is it bad that so much of my time goes to thinking about what I will be drinking during each holiday? I blame it on my bartender past. Or being Russian. Or being a mom. Or the fact that my husband likes it when I’m a little tipsy. 


I improvised this part, so feel free to do the same. But here is what I added to my vodka

2 anise star ( initially I added a lot more, but I found the licorice flavor to be overwhelming

1 vanilla bean

6-8 cinnamon sticks

5 cloves

3 pears, sliced

The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail: A Spicy Pear Martini

The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail | Spicy Pear Martini 8

How to Make The Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail A Spicy Pear Martini

This is a very simple and straightforward martini, since all of the magic is in the infused vodka


2 oz Infused pear and spices vodka

1 oz of Pear Nectar Juice

1 oz Cointreau (an orange-flavoured liqueur, triple-sec is also fine)


Slice a pear into wedges. Slide a wedge along the rim of the martini glass, dip in a bowl of sugar. Fill shaker with ice pour all of the ingredients and shake vigorously. Then pour into your martini glass. Serve with a wedge of pear.

I’d love to hear if you guys end up making this cocktail! And would love any feedback you have. Happy Holidays everyone, and drink a martini or two!




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  • Reply Mary Ware November 19, 2017 at 6:10 AM

    Yum! This sounds perfect for Thanksgiving. And gorgeous photography too!

    • Reply ... besos, ALINA December 2, 2017 at 9:54 AM

      Thanks so much Mary!

  • Reply Lyndsey November 18, 2017 at 3:00 AM

    I love pear! this looks just delicious!

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