How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

Unique ideas for ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. What to do and how to make it fun, easy and festive.

10 Ideas for How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 at Home

We’ve spent the last few New Year’s Eve celebrating at home, so I’m no stranger to what to do at home for New Year’s Eve.

new year's eve party ideas

1. Get Dressed Up 2022 Style

Any celebration feels better when you make a little effort into getting dressed. To make it fun for the entire family, let everyone dress in whatever they like, as long as its festive. Silk pajamas with heels, a tuxedo jacket and boxer shorts, a superhero outfit? Why not?!

It’s the end of the most tumultuous year, so anything goes. This might actually be what our family New Year’s Eve outfit might look like this year.

On a serious note, anything with a little sparkle sounds very necessary for a New Year’s Eve outfit. And with  a little shimmer and these faux leather leggings I just purchased last month.

how to celebrate nye at home

2. Create a Special NYE Meal

What can you do on New Years Eve at home? How about creating the ultimate cheese fondue dinner? I love a fondue dinner idea for New Year’s Eve because it’s interactive and engaging for the entire family and also takes longer. This way the meal can be part of the planned fun. You can also follow up with a chocolate fondue as dessert later in the evening.

It’s also pretty low maintenance kind of meal as everyone gets to help themselves once you put everything out and make the cheese. For a kid-friendly version, skip the wine 🙂

What can couples do on New Years Eve?

For couples it might be fun to spend time in the kitchen together making a sexy seafood dish. Something about New Year’s Eve dinner screams a good surf and turf option. Or maybe making sushi together. Trying a new dish and making it together is a great way to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve.

For me, a shrimp cocktail and a glass of bubbly is a must and makes for a perfect New Year’s Eve appetizer.

how to make NYE special

3. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home with a Special Cocktail

What’s a celebration without a signature cocktail?! For New Year’s Eve I typically go for the bubbly, but lately I am into craft cocktails, like this bourbon pomegranate manhattan or you can make this pear and pomegranate champagne cocktail so you don’t skip on the bubbles.

We bought sparkling juices for F and he loves calling it “kids’ champagne” which I thought was super cute until he started asking  for it loudly in restaurants!

how to decorate at home for New Year's Eve

4.  Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home by Decorating

A few party city decorations may go a long way for a NYE celebration at home. It makes the evening look and feel special. I also love the idea of popping a balloon for every hour leading up to midnight. Perhaps creating a photo station might be fun, to take photos with the family or selfies. They also have a DIY balloon drop, which might be a great mess-free way to celebrate the New Year.

I plan to pick up some decorations, noise makers and also silly string to add to the fun.

5. Schedule a Zoom Call with Relatives and Friends

In an ordinary year this numbered bullet would simply say “invite people you enjoy to celebrate with you.” But since 2021 celebration is anything but ordinary, the next best thing to organize a zoom call with friends and or relatives. It’s a simple way to feel connected despite the current circumstances.

6. Live stream a celebration

Network TV is still going to figure out something, so choose a station you like and celebrate along. It’s a good way to keep track of the time too, and have some background noise for the official countdown at your New Year’s Eve small gathering.

how to have a new year's eve party

7. Create a Playlist

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home with a perfect playlist. The only thing I truly miss about going out on New Year’s Eve is the dance party aspect of it, or more specifically dancing. A personally curated playlist ensures your New Year’s Eve party is fun because you’ll hear music you love and dancing in your own kitchen is highly underrated.

8. Play Games

There are countless fun games that you can organize for the night to engage everyone at home. My plan is to set up a charades game with family via zoom. I found this kid-friendly version of the game online and we’ve been playing casually after dinner, and not only has it been super fun for Fernando, but it was also hysterical to us, adults. Add cocktails and charades always guarantees a lot of laughter. 

how to celebrate New Year's Eve at home

9. Ring in the New Year with Some Fun

Noise makers, confetti or silly string for mess-free celebrations are a must. So are silly hats and maybe even a DIY balloon drop. I’m thinking of letting F pop one balloon an hour to indicate that midnight is coming and then giving him a silly toy to keep him entertained for that hour.

For some outdoor fun, it might be great to get sparklers or even small fireworks.

10. Reflect on 2020 and Manifest for 2021

You don’t have to make an elaborate list, but it’s important to find the good in 2020, despite its challenges. New Year’s Eve is also a great time to speak and manifest your deepest desires and wishes for the next year into the universe.

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