How to Host a Perfect Girls Night In

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Want to host a perfect girls night in, but afraid it’s going to be too stressful? Here are some easy tips for creating a memorable get together for your friends.

Why Host a Girls Night In?

Throwing a girls’ night is an opportunity to reconnect, stay in touch, and simply have a blast.

Opting to host it at home instead of heading out grants you the luxury of extended quality time with minimal disruptions and the added advantage of curating the perfect ambiance, food, playlist, cocktails and itinerary.

how to host a girls night in

Friends Are Good for Your Health

According to numerous studies, adults with a strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems.

So, spending time with girlfriends is important and good for our health.

That’s why a girls night in is a great idea on many levels.

It gives you time to connect and nurture friendship in a more intimate setting.

Best Tips for Casually Entertaining At Home

valentines day tablescape

Theme & Decor

For this girls’ night evening we decided on Galentine’s day celebration. Lots of pink and girlie vibes and cheers to sisterhood.

Other theme ideas you can choose are spa retreats, movie or tv nights, charcuterie board party.

Decorate the space with themed decorations, matching colors and cozy lighting. Personally, I love cozy and elegant dinner party with candles.

how to set up a party station for Valentine's day

Cocktails & Drink Station

Set up a DIY cocktail station with various spirits, mixers, and garnishes or create signature cocktails or let each guest craft their own personalized drink.

For our cocktail we decided on Pomegranate Champagne

Other cocktail drinks you may like for entertaining at home

French 75 Champagne Cocktail with Elderflower Liqueur

Pear Vodka Cosmopolitan

Pomegranate Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Valentine's day tablescape

Appetizers & Boards

Personally, I love a charcuterie board made with sweet and savory options to cater to different preferences.

Take a look at some charcuterie board options.

Another great idea for a girls night party would be to host a fondue dinner. You can also add a sweet fondue option.

Browse more appetizer ideas here.

tips for hosting a great valentine's day party

Delegate & Have Fun

Just because you’re hosting, doesn’t mean that you have to do it all alone. Have friends pitch in with various things on your to do list.

For example, place someone in charge of mood and music and have them make a playlist.

Have another attendee bring dessert or an appetizer.

how to host a valentine's day party

What to do at Girls’ Night In

If you want to be the hostess with the mostess, having ideas and activities for your guests is the best way to gain that title and ensure a good time is had for all. Here are some girls night in theme and ideas.

1.Have a Spa Party— set up a pampering station with face masks, nail polish and other self-care relaxation things for your friends.

2.Vision Board Party—all you need are a stack of old magazines, large construction boards, glue and scissors. Try this a cute DIY kit.

3.Crafting Corner—have a DIY station for friends to decorate their own wine glasses.

4.Karaoke and Dance Party—You can use YouTube to stream karaoke songs and this wireless microphone to create that Idol moment. We also have this strobe lights for our kitchen dance parties and it’s perfect for setting the party mood.

5.Games and Activities—Plan some entertaining games like trivia, charades, or board games.

6.Clothing Exchange party —is also a great idea. Each person can bring 5-7 items to exchange with others. Someone’s trash could be another woman’s treasure!


Remember to tailor these ideas to match the preferences and interests of your guests for a truly memorable girls’ night at home!

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