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Building capsule wardrobe #besosalina

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I wasn’t one of those women that only gained weight in the belly during pregnancy, instead I got pretty plump all over and couldn’t wear anything in my closet. This gave me a long break from my clothes. Once more of my old stuff was starting to fit again, it became clear that I needed to reevaluate what’s been hanging in my closet. Here is Step 1 in my personal style overhaul journey.

I say step one, because this is going to be a long haul at the end of which I hope to develop a capsule wardrobe filled with solid pieces that I feel comfortable wearing and quality clothes that fit me well.

I started by sorting all of my existing clothes into three piles. Keep. Donate. Throw Away. It wasn’t easy, but I tackled my closet over the last few months, one drawer at the time. I had to get really honest here, which meant tossing and donating stuff that I have been ‘saving,’ like pants that no longer fit, but hoped they would one day, or shirts that weren’t flattering anymore, but were expensive, dresses that I got at sample sales that never fit properly, and so on.)

It was kind of scary how little I ended up keeping, but that also meant that I would get to fill this space with new, better items.

I wanted to be very calculated about the new pieces I would buy, so I looked for items that were classic, made well,  flattering and worked with my new role as mama.

Most of all I  didn’t want to be stressed about what to wear each morning, or worry about whether I would fit into those things today, or not. I wanted to feel good about every item in my closet and be comfortable.

How lucky for me that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is this week? I started to slowly browse and find staple pieces that will help me build my dream capsule wardrobe and reflect my personal style.

Every closet needs a pair of black jeans, so I got these from the sale. I also bought these. It felt good to start with really simple, classic and comfortable pieces that I knew would get worn a lot.

I’m very much into rompers now. It’s basically an adult onesie, so I’m thinking about getting this one. I also love this jumpsuit. It’s classic enough to keep in my closet for a few years, and funky enough to be excited about it each time.



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