January Capsule Wardrobe

A winter capsule wardrobe built around casual and easy pieces that are versatile and comfortable to help you elevate your daily looks and make getting dressed fun again.

January Capsule Wardrobe

One of the key elements you’ll notice in this January Capsule is that there is a limited color palette. This is intentional. It creates an overall aesthetic. At the moment, I’m loving neutrals with a touch of animal print. Maybe it’s the Russian in me—but I can’t resist a good animal print.

This month’s capsule has 20 pieces that I’ve styled into 28 different looks, I hope this inspires you to not simply by clothes, but shop your closet and come up with your own personal capsule you’ll love and pieces you’ll reware over and over again.



Best Tips for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Step one is to evaluate your current closet. Sort everything you have into three piles. Keep. Donate. Throw Away. 

It’s not easy, but this is essential step in creating a wardrobe you love and one that you actually want to wear.

Toss everything that no long fits you or your lifestyle.

 I tackled my closet over the last few months, one drawer at the time. I had to get really honest here, which meant tossing and donating stuff that I have been ‘saving,’ like pants that no longer fit, but hoped they would one day, or shirts that weren’t flattering anymore, but were expensive, dresses that I got at sample sales that never fit properly, and so on.

january capsule wardrobe


Second Step to Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Take a look at the items you wear weekly, colors you gravitate to and items you feel the most comfortable in—those are the building blocks to a wardrobe you love. Have a pair of tights that you love, that’s fine—there are ways to make leggings look chic and stylish. New sneakers, a blazer or a coat are all easy ways to elevate your existing wardrobe.


capsule wardrobe

Define Your Capsule Wardrobe

Make a list of basics you want and need. Think about your daily life and buy the key basics you’re missing. A pair of Chelsea boots for January a new coat or sweater can help transition your wardrobe. Most noteworthy, identify your color palette —this will help elevate your look and also help you stay away from impulse buying.


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