Holiday Wreath DIY and Winter Bucket List

Sometimes life can feel mundane. Actually, on most days life feels mundane. We are all creatures of habit and routine. And though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I do find that having things on the  calendar that take us out of our usual monotony, helps the days go a little quicker and adds a little more excitement to life. While my mind is happily occupied planning and daydreaming about upcoming events. I previously put together our summer bucket list, which we managed to mostly get through, so I thought I’d try a hand at a winter bucket list, and also share my holiday wreath DIY.

Christmas wreath DIY[ Side note: How adorable is this custom door mat from Nickel Designs Shop ?You can use code “besos” for 10% off]

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I would DIY a wreath for major holidays and seasons. This hasn’t been the case since baby FLO, so my first bucket list item was to replace this wreath that has been hanging on our door since last March!

Normally, I try to create something different, but something about this season made me want to go the classic route. Another factor was of course time. Remember when I spent almost two weeks creating rosettes for this wreath?

Christmas wreath DIY

So this time around, I went semi-homemade with a $9.99 wreath from Trader Joe’s as my starter. I also purchased a little bouquet of foliage for $3.99. A few branches to the wreath of the bouquet added a bit more dimension and texture to the wreath, don’t you think?  Then I dutifully went to Michael’s for the classic red ribbon bow ( $1.99) and the faux cranberry branches (reduced to $3.99) . I love the sparkle they added to the wreath. My final total cost for the wreath was under $20!

DIY Christmas Wreath

The Trader Joe’s wreath was already beautiful, and smelled like winter. But, a few extra touches really made it look rich and festive. Now onto my bucket list.

Christmas DIY wreath

The Winter Bucket List

1.Attend the Christmas Boat Parade in Newport Beach 

This is one of my favorite winter activities, and it will be our third year going to Balboa Island. It’s a simple leisurely evening walk to look at all the beautifully decorated houses and then the decorated boats. Last year I was pregnant, but this year I can bring along a cup of mulled wine or some spiked apple cider. Bonus!

2.Baby and Santa Photo

Not much explanation needed here. I can’t wait to take baby FLO to see Santa. This year he won’t know who he is, and will likely cry, but next year he might. When do kids figure out the Santa thing? A friend asked me what I am getting baby FLO for Christmas/Hanukkah, the other day and I replied, “nothing.” He gets new clothes and toys all the time, but is most content playing with a napkin, so I think I have a couple years before he is making wish lists. So, I’ll buy something for myself instead. Ha!

3.Ice Skating 

It’s not officially winter until you do a winter activity. Since waiting for snow is a pretty useless activity in SoCal, ice skating will have to do!

4.Date Night

My mom is coming to stay with us for almost two weeks during the holiday, so I’m grateful Mau and I will get to sneak off to date night.

5. Vision Board Party | Girls Night In Party

I made a vision board last year, and I have to say that I really love the idea behind it. I do believe in the law of attraction, and putting goals and wishes on paper. So I wanted to have a little get together with friends, and make vision boards together.

What is on your bucket list this winter? I’d love to hear about your plans!

Stay warm friends, and happy holidays!

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