Summer Bucket List

My general philosophy is that life needs a little spice. I find that having a little something to break up the mundane really helps pass the days that sometimes can feel routine. Looking forward to something, like a good cup of coffee at 3pm, gives me the jolt I need to survive the boring. So, I put together a short and very doable summer bucket list filled with activities I am looking forward to this summer.

Summer Bucket List  

  1. Have a Staycation

There are so many beautiful resorts just minutes away from our house, so this summer I really want to play tourist for a day and visit one of the pools overlooking the ocean, have a little lunch, maybe some bubbly and pretend to be from out of town.

     2. Overnight Date Night

Now that baby FLO is almost 4 months and is sleeping through the night (on most nights), spending a night away from him seems possible. And to be honest, necessary. Life with a new baby is tough, and we are so overdue for some R&R this summer.

     3. Sunset Dinner Picnic 

I had a few quick lunches at the beach, but I’m sad to say I have yet to have a true, planned picnic dinner on the beach. I really want to prepare a meal and then pack us up for dinner on the sand to watch the sunset. In my opinion, beach picnics should be on everybody’s bucket list.

4.Watch a Sunrise

Mau surfs almost every morning, early enough to watch the sun rise. One of these summer mornings baby FLO and I will join him, and then go out to a big pancake breakfast. This bucket list item is the easiest and toughest to complete, a baby still hasn’t made me a morning person…

5.Wine Tasting Trip

It won’t be a long weekend in Paso Robles or Napa, but we do live close enough to some decent wine that we could easily make a day out of it.

That’s my short, but very possible summer bucket list to complete this summer. What are you looking forward to in the next few months?