DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

This easy DIY Valentine’s Day wreath comes together with construction paper and glue for a unique paper roses holiday decor.

One of the most exciting things about committing to making seasonal wreaths for the last few years has been the ability to recycle them, like this DIY Valentine’s day wreath, which I already used twice!

I’m not sure whether that counts as a DIY cheat, but making small tweaks to existing wreaths and repurposing them hasn’t only been a fun challenge, but one that saves both time and money. And after all, isn’t that the purpose of a doing it yourself?

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Last July, I took this DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath and tweaked it to create the Fourth of July wreath.


Tutorials for how to make this DIY paper roses  wreath :

[ See the post for the tutorial here] or watch a quick Pinterest Idea tutorial here

Note: I love how both of them turned out. The paper roses do take a lot of time, but you still have an entire week before the actual day. You can use paper or felt to make the roses. Felt lasts a bit longer, if you want to repurpose it later, as paper fades in the sun a bit.

I made mine over several evenings while watching TV. It’s a relaxing, sort of mindless activity and a perfect way to unwind.

The best part? You can totally think of other holidays to use the wreath again.

Happy almost love day.

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