Five Proven Tips to Treat Postpartum Hair Loss

As a second time mom, my hair care routine helped manage my postpartum hair loss, so I’m sharing five proven tips.

No one prepared me for postpartum hair loss the first time around. So when it started happening a few months after my first son’s birth I was at a total loss. Not only was my hair thinning, and coming out in clumps its texture was like straw and I had an oily spot on the back of my head that never seemed to go away no matter how much I shampooed.

Over time, of course my hair came back to normal. And, when it came time for hair care after my second pregnancy, I knew I needed to try something else to make sure my postpartum hair loss was not as bad as the first time.

I didn’t fully grasp the difference that these five tips made for my hair postpartum until I visited my hair stylist, who I started seeing right after having my first son. Meaning she knew my  hair journey including postpartum hair. When I saw her a few weeks ago she noticed my hair was in its best shape ever! Even though I’m almost six months postpartum with my second son.  

This is how I knew the steps I took for hair care this time around were really working for me. This is why I wanted to share my hair care routine with you.

Here is what you can do about postpartum hair loss

      1. Don’t wash your hair daily

Less is more when it comes to washing  and styling your hair. Invest in a really good dry shampoo. My favorite is this one and get into the habit of using dry shampoo on the daily basis. If you notice a lack of volume, a great volumizer is also a good addition to your hair care routine.

Less washing also means less heat on your hair.  I stopped blow drying my hair completely. Instead, I let it air dry and then use a straightener or curling iron to style it. Though you should still use a heat protector on your hair.

    2. Do invest in hair care products

One of the biggest gifts has been this shampoo and conditioner. It’s on the pricey side, but I do think it’s worth it. I also love their conditioning hair mask. I use that once a week and shampoo my hair two times a week at most. Less shampoos also means it’s okay to spend a little more on quality products.

    3. Say “yes” to supplements

If you’re going to walk away with just one tip, let it be this: Start incorporating collagen into your diet. I wholeheartedly believe that my postpartum hair loss was significantly less noticeable this second time around because I make a daily smoothie with collagen.  The benefits of collagen are endless and numerous studies have shown that it helps improve skin appearance and elasticity, minimizing lines and wrinkles.

Additionally taking collagen may increase the strength of your nails and stimulate your hair growth.

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I also added a biotin supplement to my everyday supplements. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s part of the vitamin B family and is known to play a vital role in the health of your hair, skin and nails.

Lastly, I continued to take my prenatals. 

  1. Visit your hair stylist

Even if you’re experiencing severe hair loss, or the texture of your hair has completely changed, a visit to the salon can help breathe new life into your hair and make you feel good. A healthy cut every six months helps keep your hair looking its best.

  1. Know it’s all temporary

Postpartum hair loss doesn’t last, eventually everything will go back to normal—and that includes your hair. While the above tips are great for maintaining hair care, know that it’s all temporary and give yourself grace and be patient and try not to stress about it, and all the other fun “surprises” of the fourth trimester.

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