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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Recipe | Happy Cinco de Mayo

the best mexican shrimp cocktail recipe

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the best mexican shrimp cocktail recipe

Mauricio and I met in Cancun, Mexico. It’s a good story and I plan to share it one day. For now though, I want to talk about something else I fell in love with while in Mexico. The Mexican shrimp cocktail, or “coctel de camarones.” A phrase I learned quite well while vacationing in Cancun. And also, “una corona light mas, por favor.” This refreshing and spicy goodness is a perfect beach or poolside dish, along with your favorite cerveza.  Continue Reading…

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Favorite Things From March

wedges, spring outfit

It’s been a few months busy months around here. Mostly, adjusting to life with a toddler, who with each day is becoming more and more independent. Meanwhile, I’m realizing there is no safe zone in our entire house. So far we had a broken vase, spilled everything and everywhere, a broken plate and eaten more dirt than I’d like to admit. Nap time have been our battle ground too. Anyway, that’s mom life. I’ve got way more exciting things to tell you about than just #momlife stuff. Read for a round-up of my favorite things from March ( or February), but who is really counting?! Continue Reading…

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Beach Day Afternoons | Teething Necklace DIY

DIY Cheerio Necklace for teething baby

On most days after naptime and lunch, I drag baby FLO out of the house for errands. He seems to enjoy our runs to the store and other pit stops. But sometimes, I feel guilty that he is always tagging along with me as I rush to complete my to-do list. This mom guilt really has no limits! So, I started to instead carve out days where we do things that I think would make him happy. Not that he complains, either way. But new surroundings and play areas, or even a beach walk makes us both content. Besides, Target will always be there next week. So in honor of Dia del Niño, I decided that we need more days for exploring and less days for errand running. Here is a little more on beach day afternoons and my DIY teething necklace. Continue Reading…

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Weekend Recap, Bucket List and Wish List for Spring

spring bucket list

It’s officially Spring. It doesn’t quite feel like it on most days, but it is. And there is nothing like a new season to usher in renewed goals, bucket lists and wish lists. Our weekend started out a little rocky.  But we came out of it on the other side. Learned a thing or two, and  even came to a solution. The end of our weekend was one filled with hope for the new season and an exciting chapter for our little family of three. Read on for the full weekend recap, bucket list and wish list for spring.

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Three Flats You Need for Spring

cap toe metallic sneakers, chic sneakers, sneakers for spring, stylish moms

It could be a great coincidence or just incredible luck, but just as I became a mom to a toddler, flats are all the rage for spring. If you noticed, most of the models during Fashion Week wore either sneakers or flats. So, it’s safe to assume that comfort is finally making its fashion debut. I say, this spring we should all wear flats, and let our feet rest for a change! Here are the three flats you need for spring.

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Love & Relationships

Baby FLO’s First Birthday Bash

white cake with confetti, first birthday cake, confetti cake, simple cake, cake with sprinkles

Everyone asked what would be the theme of baby FLO’s first birthday. His baby shower was a tequila and taco fueled fiesta, so folks expected us to come up with something memorable and fun for this very first birthday, and we did. Our theme was, “we made it!” Ha! At least that’s what it felt like. We have kept this precious, tiny thing alive and well for an entire year, someone pop the champagne! And we did that too. Here are a few highlights from baby FLO’s first birthday bash! Continue Reading…

Love & Relationships

Into Motherhood Part II // What I learned in my first year of being a mama

advice for stay at home moms

I feel incredibly fortunate to 1). have a healthy baby boy.  2). be able to stay home with him. Now that he is approaching 1, I’ve been reflecting on how incredibly amazing this year has been. How much I have grown and learned. Also how much happiness this tiny human has brought to two families. With that being said, I’m also the girl that googled “what to do with baby all day,” at this very time last year. Because I’ve never been around babies, or spent all day and night with them. There are not enough baby books and googling to prepare anyone for this journey. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share what I learned in my first year of being a mama. Really, this as a manifesto to myself—because some of this advice I still need to hear, read and take. Continue Reading…

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Coconut Cauliflower Fried “Rice”

coconut cauliflower fried rice, healthy and delicious dinner ideas #besosalina

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Over the last year most of my cooking has been less about distressing while meticulously preparing a sophisticated meal and more about what can I throw in a pan that’s on the healthier side, delicious and done in about 20 minutes or the amount of time baby FLO can occupy himself (on most days). To get back into more of the enjoyment of cooking,  I’ve been dutifully finding short cuts and these little tricks have been making all the difference when I need to get dinner done in a pinch, and spend more time relaxing and sipping wine. I’ve started to make this coconut cauliflower fried “rice” recipe  almost on a bi-weekly basis. It’s good. Real good. Here is to a tasty dinner you can get on the table in under 20 minutes.  Continue Reading…

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Peplum Tops Are the New Basic Tee

how to wear a peplum top

It may have seemed like a trend just a few short years ago, but it looks like peplum tops are here to stay. And that’s a good thing, because I’ve been loving them. I have a few dressy peplum style tops in the closet, but lately I’ve been finding peplum details on more casual tops. Now, I’m stocking up on them, and you should too. Read on for why peplum tops are the new basic tee.

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Galentine’s Day in a Little Red Dress

To keep with my resolution to be more brave and confident in my skin, I accepted an invitation to attend a Galentine’s day event for bloggers. Despite sharing so much online, blogging can be an isolating activity. Add to that the fact that I spend most of my days talking to an 11 month old, who does make up for being a poor conversationalist by being extra cute, it can get pretty lonely. So as scary as it was, I put on a little red dress. Declared last Saturday a #mombreak day, and headed out. Read on for more about my Galentine’s Day in a little red dress. Continue Reading…

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