How to Pack Lighter & Smarter For Your Next Trip

There are times when my type A personality really has an opportunity to shine. Packing properly is one of these times. Spontaneity is great, but not when it comes to packing for a trip. Moreover, packing efficiently can significantly enhance your travel experience. Here are packing tips to travel with ease, convenience and style.

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Packing Tips for Travel

1.Write it out

To know exactly how much clothes to bring, I make a little chart, based on how many days I will be traveling. And by a little chart, I mean a post-it, or use the note app on your phone.

I divide each day in half, ( day and night outfits). It might seem intense, but scribbling on a little post-it helps me figure out how much clothes I need.

2. Dress for the Itinerary

If there is an itinerary for the trip, like a day of hiking I make sure to pack that into my list. This methods ensures that you are not overpacking.

For example, figure out how many of your evenings will be spent out, so you know ahead of time how many “dressy” outfits you need. If there are day trips, or excursions add those on their proper days, as well.

I like to put all of my “looks” together for each day/night, including accessories, undergarments, and shoes. This way, you won’t forget to pack the bra you wear with a certain dress, or sneakers for a day of sightseeing, or your beach cover up.

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3. Bundle Your Outfits

Now that you have the exact amount of outfits you need, try to bundle some items together. For example, you can wear the same pair of shorts or pants.

If you’re traveling somewhere warm you may only need one sweater, as in just in case.

This is most helpful to do with shoes, as they add the most bulk. If you’re traveling narrow down most comfortable options.

4. Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

This is especially helpful if traveling light Internationally or abroad. Creating a capsule that is cohesive is essential for efficient packing.

I typically do this by creating a simple color palette. This way all items work together and can be worn a myriad of ways.

This could also mean choosing neutrals with one or two pops of color. This way everything coordinates, and it’s easy to layer when you move between different places and changing weather.

A travel capsule also allows you to utilize all of your packed clothes instead of having random outfits. [ Here is a look at a mini capsule where all items coordinate together.]

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5. Commit to an airport outfit

To not add bulk when packing for a trip, commit to wearing the same outfit to the airport each way. This saves you from including an entire day worth of clothes into your luggage.

6. Try on everything ahead of time

My major pro tip is to try on everything you plan on packing for your trip. Both, new and old.

This isn’t the time to experiment with a new look. If you’re bringing something new, you should feel confident and excited about wearing it, because you’ve tried it on.

On the other hand, if you haven’t worn your favorite vacation dress in 2 years, try it on. You’d be surprised how much your body can change, or how fuzzy your memory has gotten about how that dress really fits you.

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7. Use Packing Cubes

If you haven’t used packing cubes to organize your suitcase you’re seriously missing out. It’s such a convenient way to organize clothes on the go. And one of my favorite perks is that you can than store the dirty clothes away in the empty cubes.

I also recommend going the Marie Kondo way and rolling everything. It’s amazing how much more fits this way.

8. Minimize Toiletries

Another great travel find has been this toiletry travel bag with a hanging hook. First, I love that you can simply hang this on a hook in a hotel room, and save on counter space. But more importantly, I love how much I am able to pack in this bag, while being able to store it with it relatively taking up very little space.

Bonus, I restock this bag after travel so that I don’t have to do it before travel. Because it’s filled in advance with toiletries I need, I can simply toss it in my suitcase. It saves so much time and it’s one less thing I have to think about.

9. 4 Wheel Spinner Suitcase

A few years ago we purchased the Samsonite Spin Tech suitcases and I could kick myself for not making the switch earlier.

It’s durable, lightweight and absolutely easier to get through the airport with a suitcase that has spin wheels. No more “lugging” suitcases around, these add so much to the comfort of travel.

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