Pack Like a Pro for Any Trip

There are times when my type A personality really has an opportunity to shine. Packing properly is one of these times. Spontaneity is great, but when it comes to packing, being prepared is key. Here is how to pack like a pro for any trip.

Some of my girlfriends throw in a bunch of outfits they want to wear on vacation into a suitcase and then always end up feeling like they’ve either over-packed or didn’t bring enough clothes.

1.Write it out

To know exactly how much clothes to bring, I make a little chart, based on how many days I will be traveling. And by a little chart, I mean a post-it.

I divide each day in half, ( day and night outfits). It might seem intense, but  scribbling on a little post-it helps me figure out how much clothes I need, and as a bonus I pack it with me, to remember which outfit I wanted to wear and when. Not that it’s set in stone or anything. Heck, I may wear the pants I bought for Friday night on Tuesday!

2. Commit to an airport outfit

To not add bulk when packing like a pro commit to wearing the same outfit to the airport each way. This saves you from including an entire day worth of clothes into your luggage.

packing like a pro

3. Count it out

Next, figure out how many of your evenings will be spent out, so you know ahead of time how many “dressy” outfits you need. If there are day trips, or excursions add those on their proper days, as well.

I like to put all of my “looks” together for each day/night, including accessories, undergarments, and shoes. This way, you won’t forget to pack the bra you wear with a certain dress, or sneakers for a day of sight-seeing, or your beach cover up.

4. Trial run

My major pro tip is to try on everything you plan on wearing. Both, new and old.

This isn’t the time to experiment with a new look. If you’re bringing something new, you should feel confident and excited about wearing it, because you’ve tried it on.

On the other hand, if you haven’t worn your favorite vacation dress in 2 years, try it on. You’d be surprised how much your body can change, or how fuzzy your memory has gotten about how that dress really fits you.

On Shoes: Shoes add a lot of bulk, so I try to bring shoes that I can wear with several outfits. I apply the same rule to shoes. If they’re new, make sure you can really rock them. Even if they’re flats you plan on wearing during the day, break them in before the trip so you know ahead of time they’re comfortable. Is there anything worse than getting a blister while sightseeing, and having to cut your excursions short? Same rule applies for evening. Are these your trusty, dance all night heels? Can you wear them with more than one outfit you packed? If the answer is no, don’t bring them.

pro tip packing

5. Consolidate

I layout everything I hope to take with me, and then start consolidating from there.The above photo is the consolidated version of what I actually took with me for a 10 day trip.

This trip was a difficult one, since Mau planned most of it, and didn’t really give me much insight other than there will be a “pool, there will be a ranch and bring a few nice dresses.” It ended up being the most beautiful and amazing trip we’ve ever taken together.

First, I got to meet the Venezuelan side of his family, who were so happy to feed us and show us around. Despite the hard political climate in their country, everyone we met was so beautifully optimistic that things would change. Then, we visited Los Roques, the virgin islands of Venezuela. We spent four glorious days on barely touched beaches, drank rum and snorkeled. It was exactly the kind of honeymoon I pictured, and luckily packed like a pro for.

besos, Alina

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