Motherhood Update | Raising a Happy Toddler

This post has been sponsored by Johnson’s®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a motherhood update. Last week, I came across a notebook of mine from when baby FLO was just a few months. It was inundated with schedules: wake up at 4:30pm, nap 2 and nap 3… I’m so happy to be so far away from those days of uncertainty and lack of sleep. Though, the threenage years do come with their own set of challenges and tantrum.Here are tips that are working for us in raising a happy toddler.

Raising a Happy Toddler

I’ve partnered with JOHNSON’S® to share a little bit about how we’ve been able to help instill some healthy habits with FLO. JOHNSON’S® Clean & Fresh Shampoo and Body Wash, and the Clean & Fresh Conditioning Spray has been our go-to product and the reason FLO is currently very much into styling his hair. The conditioning spay is a leave-in formula, and I like using it rather than adult styling, but it still gives us the “like Daddy” styling effect, which these days is gold!

If you’re having tantrums when it comes to hair, try the New Johnson’s® kids hair care product. You can find it in the baby care aisle of Target. They’re No More Tears®); hypoallergenic; and contain no parabens, phthalates, 
sulfates, or dyes. Plus, they’re ophthalmologist & pediatrician tested.

Offer Choices To Your Toddler

The best advice I’ve ever read about raising a strong willed toddler aka “the threenager years” is to offer choices. This gives your spirited toddler a sense of independence and a sense of control over his life.

Choices have been especially helpful with chores he is not so fond of, like brushing his teeth. So, I have two toothbrushes and two toothpaste options for him to choose from. I also say ask if he would like to brush his own teeth or if he would like me to do it.

In the end, his teeth are brushed and it doesn’t quite matter to me how we got there.

At bath time, we ask if he would like a bath or if he would like to shower with daddy. Secretly, I love when he opts for showering with daddy because that gives me a few minutes to relax. Bath time usually falls on me though.

Still, this is by far my favorite age. We can reason, negotiate and come to an understanding—on most days. And he still melts us with things like “mommy, you’re my friend,” and “hug and kiss before bed, ok daddy?” In the end, we  just want to  be raising a happy toddler—right?

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Model Positive Behavior for Your Toddler

Right now, FLO is in complete awe of Mauricio. You can really see how much of an impact Mauricio’s every move has on FLO. He is his superman. And when superman makes a smoothie or brushes his teeth, those things somehow become cool.

And we take full advantage of that.

He saw Mauricio style his hair and spray cologne, and it immediately became a must for our morning routine. Thankfully, I can use the JOHNSON’S® Clean & Fresh Conditioning Spray I picked up at Target in the baby section near the bath time and hair products to style FLO’s hair and it keeps it shiny and soft all day.

Let Your Toddler Help You with Everyday Chores

FLO is super independent and loves to help, and though it takes about double the time and is usually more mess for me to clean up—I always let him help make breakfast or dinner, make a smoothie, fold laundry, or vacuum.

It’s so fun to watch him try, and I like to think it’s setting him up for healthy habits in the future. Though I must admit, he still won’t go near any cooked veggies or salads unlike his dad. Why are toddlers such picky eaters?