Friendship Goals & Moscow Mules


Last month, when one of my besties came to town, I scored an entire weekend of girlfriend time. It was the three of us, reunited. We got a chance to catch up, dine out, shop, wine taste—the works. At first, I was nervous to share that I couldn’t get a babysitter for one of the nights. Though, I knew  it wouldn’t be a huge deal, since my other bestie lives three minutes away and could totally take everyone out. But, I also didn’t want to miss out. When my friends heard that I couldn’t go out, they came over instead. And now looking back at this whirlwind of a weekend, the best part for me was that night. The Saturday evening we spent sipping on delicious cocktails and chatting by the fire, once I put the baby to bed. We didn’t even cook dinner, we just got some burgers! That night made me think about what true friendship between women really is. So I thought I’d share one of my favorite winter cocktails and talk friendship goals and Moscow mules with Absolut Elyx vodka.

How to Make a Moscow Mule

Maybe it was the rosemary and grapefruit Moscow mules, but it suddenly hit me just how much I value my friendship with these two women. We were all sitting quietly, sipping on our drinks and besides music no one talked. For a while. The silence was comfortable, and I felt the warmth and love between all of us. Then I broke the silence.

“What do you think makes us all stay friends, for so long?” We don’t always get along. We don’t often agree with the choices the other makes. But something keeps us united, and it’s not just our love for Beyonce. So with the help of my dear girlfriends we made a little list of what makes up true friendship. I’ll share our Friendship Goals list in a moment, but first let’s talk Moscow mules.

How to make a rosemary and grapefruit moscow mule

If you’ve ever had a Moscow mule not in a copper mug, you probably noticed a difference. Copper makes it better. So you could imagine my surprise when I found out that Absolut Elyx is the world’s first single estate copper crafted luxury vodka. Absolut Elyx vodka goes through a unique copper catalyzation process, which makes it so silky smooth and perfect for a Moscow mule.

Moscow mules have gotten so popular recently, that now there are variations on the classic recipe all over the place. I love the addition of rosemary and grapefruit garnish. Something about this color combo and the rosemary’s resemblance to pine makes me think of it as a perfect winter cocktail. Don’t you think?

The hint of rosemary also works incredibly well with the ginger beer. By the way, I opted for Diet ginger beer, to save on some calories! A juicy red grapefruit is also such a tasty addition and compliments the Absolut Elyx vodka so well. Here is how to make your mules:


2 oz of Absolut Elyx vodka
1 oz freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice (that’s about 1/4 of a grapefruit)
3 oz of chilled ginger beer (or diet ginger beer)
1 sprig fresh rosemary


Fill a copper mug with ice, or use your fancy large ice cube like I did. Add the Absolut Elyx vodka, grapefruit  juice and top with ginger beer. Stir, and add the sprig of rosemary and a wedge of grapefruit for garnish.

how to make moscow mules

rosemary and grapefruit moscow mules


What Makes a Friendship True
A true friend celebrates your happiness and roots for your success

I’ve had quite a few toxic friendships in my life, and at the time I may have known that this person was not good for me but I didn’t realize how to rid myself of these relationships until my thirties. I spent a lot of my twenties accommodating and bending to moods and preferences that I knew didn’t feel right but I also didn’t know how to navigate out of them. And a part of me also counted the years of friendship and thought that the negatives were just part of the bargain. Now though I’ve set perimeters for friendships and it feels so good to not have to waste or feel uncomfortable around people that I know don’t bring out the best in me.

 You don’t have to make it to everything, but you have to show up for the big things

Now in our thirties, with careers, significant others, kids, and households to run it’s understood that you can’t make time for your friendships like you used to. I don’t have to explain why I never returned a text or a call. A week or two can go by because this is life. But, I don’t have to worry whether my friend is mad at me. I try my best not to cancel on plans and keep in touch and know what’s going on with their lives. But most importantly, if it’s important we show up, this is why my friend is listed as an emergency contact for my son.

You have to make an effort

With the above said, friendship is still work. You have to make the time. It’s not always going to be easy, and while sometimes canceling on plans can happen, not being in contact for a while can really put a strain on any relationship. Pick up the phone. Throw a quick text. Make a lunch date or a face time date. Make the effort to stay connected.

A true friend will listen without judgement, well maybe a little

First, you should feel comfortable not only sharing your success, but failures too. In the safe space of friendship, you have to admit the things you may not want to outload. My friends may not agree. They’re from Philly, they may roll their eyes even. But, they will listen. And they won’t make me feel like a bad person for making a mistake.

You can speak freely and truthfully

While my friends may listen, they’ll still give me a ear full of their opinion. They may say they don’t agree with my choice. But, I know that their comments come from a place of love, and encouragement. So maybe, I’ll listen. And if I don’t, they’ll still be there when I make another mistake or fail. You can speak the truth and you can give your honest opinion and no one says I told you so.

You have to enjoy each other’s company

That Saturday night was my favorite because we were all content to sit around and do nothing. We simply enjoyed each other’s company. We looked at a video, we sang to Beyonce. We drank. We sat silently and stared into our respective phones, but we did it together. No one had to entertain the other. Comfort, peace and love, that’s a true friendship.

I hope this little list inspired you to get together with some of your true girlfriends, over some delicious Moscow mules.














  • Reply Brooke Pianalto March 28, 2018 at 10:39 AM

    These cups are gorgeous!! Where did you get them?

  • Reply Jennifer Corter December 21, 2017 at 12:46 PM

    I’ve never actually had a Moscow Mule, but I’ve been wanting to try it!

  • Reply Nita Okoye December 20, 2017 at 7:21 AM

    This is such a great post! I totally agree with making time for the big occasions, we don’t have to always be there but we should try to always show IP when it’s really important.

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