Fall Wedding Guest Style Inspo and Five Things I wish I put on my registry

Last weekend we attended a wedding of a long time family friend. All weddings are incredibly romantic and special in their own way, but something about this one has stayed with me.  It’s rare when you can truly see love and tenderness between a couple. A comfort, ease and the simplicity of two people insync and for the lack of better words, meant to be. It was a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous day for a fall wedding, and we were so honored to be able to attend. Looking through this bride’s registry also inspired this post, because I ended up making a big purchase for myself. And dare I say that it was life-changing? Read on for some fall wedding guest style inspo and five things I wish I put on my registry.

Fall Wedding Guest Style Inspo and Five Things I wish I put on my registry

| Dress, shoes (old) similar here|

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Don’t worry, I did end up getting something for the happy couple. I just also made a little purchase for myself.

One household chore I really used to enjoy was ironing. I know. Super weird. But I found that  smoothing out wrinkles in the fabric brought over a certain sense of calm. It’s sort of meditative. I mindless, yet therapeutic task. Since the baby, finding the time and the energy to iron has been non-existent and started to feel like a major chore, so I decided to splurge a little on a steamer! Here are other items that I love and wish I had registered for!

Five Things I Wish I Put On My Registry

1. Steamer. I don’t know what took me so long, but I never ever want to live in a world without one. I initially got a hand held one, but found it too small. So instead, I went big. I absolutely love this steamer and would recommend it to anyone!

2. Ninja. We registered for a different blender, but returned it for the Ninja and we use it daily! We make smoothies, acai bowls and I even use it to mix dry and wet ingredients when cooking.

3.  Bedding. I don’t know why, but I love me an all white bed. All of our sheets and duvet covers have been white for years, and I am still not sick of it. But, every couple of years I do like to splurge on a good bedding set, and this one from Anthropologie is on my wish list.

4.  Le Creuset enameled Dutch oven. It feels like such a chef’s kitchen goal, and every time I make a stew I feel like it would be ten thousand times more delicious if it was in this pot.

5.  Kitchen Aid mixer. Ok, I know that I never bake, but if I had one of these maybe I would try harder? I also know that since I never registered for it, I’ll probably never have one, because I would never spend this much on a mixer! ( Maybe it’s not too late for you?)

What are some of the items you wish you had put on your registry? Or anything else that you bought recently that has changed your life?!



P.S. If you’re into the mustard yellow vibes for fall I found some really beautiful options. Take a look!