Getting Back in Shape After Baby

Sharing some tips on exercising with a baby and my journey to get fit post-partum. Sadly, there are no tricks to getting back in shape after baby, but now almost seven months later I am only a few pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Here is what worked for me.

Exercising after baby

Find the Motivation

I’ve been a little mad at my old self, the one that didn’t have a baby and still couldn’t find the time to exercise. What the heck was I busy doing? The truth is I’ve never been an avid exerciser. It’s not something I enjoy doing, and most of the time it feels like a chore. Usually, I have to dig deep to find motivation, set goals, and really hold myself accountable.

I wrote about getting out of an exercise slump before, and those tips really do still work for me, and if you need a little boost check those out. 

Give Yourself Grace

Before having a baby I made a promise to myself that I would lose all the weight within six months. I gained almost 50lbs, and two weeks post I was still wobbling around on swollen ankles. It was tough, especially after seeing Instagrams of women with a six pack two weeks after giving birth.

I wish I could say that I gave myself grace during the first months and just enjoyed time with my brand new babe, but I didn’t. Instead, I stressed, cried and really beat myself up. I desperately wanted to feel like my old self, and if I could rewind that first month, I would have had a little more patience.

Especially because the bulk of the weight did come off within the first few months. Now at almost seven months post-partum, I am a few measly pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Two things helped me get here.

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getting fit post partum

How do you find time to exercise with a baby?

First, lots of walks with the baby in the stroller. I’m talking one or two walks per day since it’s been impossible to put our babe down for a nap in his crib. Naps on the go have been our savior.

I try to switch up the walks and we often check out new neighborhoods, beaches, and parks. Walking with a friend or picking up a treat, like a green juice or an iced coffee is also a great motivator for me to keep walking. We got this jogging stroller, and because it’s meant for running it’s incredibly easy to maneuver.

Exercises to do with a stroller

  • Walks and Runs with a Stroller. I’ve started to take longer and faster walks and working my way up to runs with baby. Switching up our path and also having a jogging stroller really helps to stay motivated. Now that I am move focused on building muscle back, I’ve also started to incorporate some exercises with a stroller. 
  • Walking Lunges. Feet shoulder width apart, lunge forward with your leg, while simultaneously pushing the stroller out in front of you. Alternate legs until you have done 10 reps on each leg. Do 3 sets. Baby FLO is happy when I do this one because the stroller is still moving. 
  • Calf Raises. Holding on to the stroller, rise on your tippy toes and then back down. You can make this a little harder by not letting your feet hit the ground. Do 15 reps, 3 sets.
  • Leg Lifts. Stand behind or to the side of the stroller. Lift your right leg straight back with your foot flexed. Squeeze your booty at the top of each movement. Repeat 12 times. Do this on each leg x 3 sets.

Other Tips to Help Get In Shape Post-Partum

Another tips that has helped me get back in shape post partum has been to maintain healthy eating habits. That’s not to say I am not having a cookie or two after dinner, but I really tried to maintain a good diet throughout pregnancy and after.

Although the scale says I am very close to my pre-baby weight, I feel like I have plateaued, not to mention mushy and soft everywhere! Mauricio and I are currently working on carving out a set schedule so that each of us has time to take a class and exercise on a weekly basis. I want to incorporate at least one or two classes per week. Aside from that most of the exercising I have planned will be with a baby by my side.

Mama and Baby Classes

Class Pass offers two classes in my area which I try to get to at least once a week. Barre with baby and baby and me Yoga. I can’t say I get to do an intense workout, but every little helps and it’s nice to get out for an hour and see other mamas and their babies.

Exercises at Home

I found some youtube Yoga videos which show you how you can use your baby to get an abs and arm work done at home. I’m still on a search for a few more of those, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear what at home videos work for you!


As always, I have to reward myself with a few new pieces of activewear. It’s such a great motivator for me! Looking good while exercising with a baby is going to make me feel like I’m nailing life, even if I’m not. So here are a few pieces currently sitting in my cart, waiting on me to pull the trigger.