DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath

This year I decided to go blue with our Christmas decor, but that’s not the only reason for the blue hues of this DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath.

I’ve realized that every room of my house has a blue accent. So, it felt very organic to incorporate the color into our holiday decorations. Naturally, this extended to thinking about Christmas wreath ideas for this holiday season.

Second, I’ve been super excited for Frozen 2 to come out because I wanted to take Fernando to see it. This DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath was completely inspired by Frozen, but you can make your own Christmas wreath with ornaments of any color.

Here is a quick tutorial for how to make this DIY Frozen Inspired Christmas Wreath:

DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath Inspired by Frozen

Is Making Your Own Christmas Wreath Hard?

While I like crafting, I’m also not a person with a lot of patience, so all of my DIY wreath ideas have to be easy and not time consuming. Easy wreaths have been kind of my thing. Besides, something about a homemade Christmas wreath makes the season more cheerful and exciting.

DIY Frozen Inspired Wreath Made with Ornaments

Make Wreath Making a Holiday Activity

This DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath is so easy that you could make this a kid-friendly holiday activity. The hot glue can get a little dangerous, but if you’re careful and handle applying the glue yourself, a child of about 4 and up can help.

Another fun idea for the holidays would be to host a Christmas wreath making party. There are tons of Christmas wreath ideas on Pinterest. You could provide guests with wreath decorating ideas, and have them make their own.

DIY Ornament Wreath

How to Save Money By Making Your Own Christmas Wreath

In my opinion,  you should make your own Christmas wreath simply because it saves you money, honey! Similar wreaths at Target or Michaels cost up to $50, and my creations are always at a fraction of that price.

For this DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath you only need a few supplies, and all of them I got on sale. The ornaments were half off during Black Friday, at this time of the season you can find a lot of the decorations at half the price. I used a ribbon I already had, and purchasing my $10 glue gun several years ago has come in handy for a lot of my projects.

how to make an ornament christmas wreath

  • Choose a DIY wreath idea that has fewer supplies, or items you already have on hand


  • Utilize sales and coupons (Michaels always has 40% off coupon for regular priced items such as the foam I used for this DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath)


  • Repurpose items you already have at home. I’ve recycled several wreaths, ornaments and ribbons.

DIY Ornament Wreath

How to Make DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath

One of my most popular Christmas wreaths has been this DIY Wire Hanger Ornament Wreath, and I loved having this festive wreath on our door. I knew I wanted to make something similar to that. I spotted a styrofoam shape at Michaels a while back and thought it would make for a perfect wreath base. Then I saw a package of 30 non-glass ornaments on sale, and my DIY Ornament Christmas Wreath Ideas was born.


  • 16 inch Styrofoam wreath
  • Glue gun and 10 glue sticks
  • 30 pieces of tri-color non-glass mini ornaments
  • 1 ribbon with wire
  • 1 pipe cleaner or floral wire (to tie the bow)


  1. Start by heating up your glue gun and then applying the ornaments on the rounded side of the styrofoam wreath. I didn’t mind that the white styrofoam would show, as it added to my Frozen theme and looked like snow.
  2. Arrange the ornaments around the styrofoam by gluing them to the wreath and also each other. Leave space for the wreath holder and bow on the top.
  3. Create a bow for your wreath.

How To Make a Bow for Your Wreath

  1. Unspool your wired ribbon, take one end, and make a small circle with it.
  2. Pinch the end of the circle together in your non-dominant hand. Where the end of the ribbon touches the rest of the ribbon, pinch that seam together and hold it between the fingers of your non-dominant hand. This leaves your dominant hand free to shape the rest of the bow.
  3. Create a figure-eight by making loops on either side of the circle. Make a loop on one side of the circle, pinch the fabric in the middle, and then make a loop on the other side of the circle to create the figure-eight image. Continue pinching together the fabric in the middle that meets at your fingers. When you look at the bow from the side, it’ll look like the number “8.”
  4. Continue making progressively larger figure-eight loops ( 3-4).
  5. Thread the piece of floral wire around the fabric you’ve been pinching. Stop when you feel your bow is large enough.

Here is a helpful youtube Christmas wreath video that helped me learn how to create a Christmas bow for a wreath.

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