DIY Iced Matcha Latte

Last week with baby FLO’s 4am wake up calls, I guzzled coffee like a mad woman all day. Actually, in the last couple of months coffee stopped being a morning indulgence and instead had become a crutch to get through the day. Over-caffeinating your baby isn’t a good idea, and neither is dealing with the jarring crash that comes after the caffeine high wears off. Enter matcha. Actually, iced matcha latte, because it’s bazillion degrees outside.

Experts say that instead of a caffeine buzz you get from coffee, matcha creates an “alert calm” because it contains l-theanine, which induces relaxation. So focused mind, and calm body.

Starbucks has a green tea matcha that’s quite tasty, but also probably filled with loads of sugar. This DIY recipe doesn’t require a ton of sugar and is actually a pretty healthy midday boost. My fika now includes this matcha goodness.

Iced Matcha Latte

2 teaspoons matcha powder 

1 teaspoon maple syrup or agave

1 teaspoon coconut oil

a handful of ice

1 cup of coconut milk/ or almond milk

Traditionally you’re supposed to add a small amount of hot water to your matcha and use a bamboo whisk to create a frothy consistency. But I use my blender to whip this up in under a minute. Add all the ingredients, (except the ice) + a little bit of water then blend until the mixture is frothy. Top with ice.

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