In My Green Era: Spring Trend Alert

I’ve been in neutral for quite a while now, but lately I found myself gravitating towards color again. And I’m not the only one. Green along with other bright hues seems to be on trend this season. So let’s take our foot of neutral and step into spring with bright and happy selections. I’ve put together some of my favorites that bring just the right pop of color.

Spring Trend Alert: Green

It’s quite a departure for me. In fact as we are getting ready to head to a friends St. Patrick’s day celebration later this month I remembered that I typically never own anything green. As someone who had an entire pink and purple color palette for their wedding, I’m just as surprised as anyone as find myself admiring all hues of green, from chartreuse to olive.

It may have started with my olive hi-top Converse and bag from Amazon, but now it has gotten deep with the Amazon half zip ( which is a perfect Lululemon dupe). I’ve actually ordered another one because I find the style so versatile. Not only am I in my green era, but I’m also in my Lululemon mom era.

A few short years ago I used to wonder why everyone in Orange County wears athleisure all day long—but at this point of my life, athleisure just makes the most sense. I drop off F at school and then take Sebi with me to my exercise class in the morning because they have babysitting. After, we usually run an errand or two.

Green Favorites for Spring

While the old me would prefer to run home and change. In reality I operate by the rule of if I’m out, I better get it all done before nap time.

My how full circle my life has become, that I’m now the Lululemon mom. I do love the align leggings and while it’s a hefty price tag, I do generally feel they’re worth it. However, I did find a great Amazon option have ordered a few pairs.

In a bit of a rebellion at my current life, I did place a fun Zara order with a few green options. I love these pumps and it’s a fun way to add a little color to your wardrobe this Spring.

I also purchased this dress. I’ll save them for our next vacation or date night. I think both are timeless enough to have in your closet for a while

Maybe my green era started a lot earlier than I’d like to admit, but I still love this Amazon set and I’m currently crushing hard on these olive green Birkens.

bedroom style

Hotel Vibes But Make it Cozy

The green obsession even made it to the home front. I recently restyled our bedding with these velvet pillow insert. A friend told me that each room should have at least 7 different textures to be aesthetically pleasing and designed well and I love the additional texture of this Target throw and the velvet pillows it brings. (If you’re looking for great pillow inserts I’d recommend these)

Recent Read

I just finished Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo—I know a lot of you have already read it and also loved. If you’re looking for a captivating read I thoroughly enjoyed it. Later I found that the story will likely become a Netflix series and found this article of proposed characters fascinating.

Recent Show

It had a slow start, but we found that we both enjoyed Sneaky Pete on Amazon. We are now on second season and I have to say it’s pretty good. Put it down as a good couples show.

Recent Recipe

It’s been pretty mandune in the kitchen because I find myself making dinners that are easy and my kids would eat. But something about this recipe stopped me in my tracks. I also love that you can serve the simplified version to kids (skip the olives and just do rice and chicken). Not to mention the entire thing comes together in one skillet and features on of my favorite seasonings.