Favorites Things // January

It’s been a while since I shared a post of favorite things. Perhaps an entire year? If you haven’t been here long, than you may not ever remember such round up. But it’s 2021 and a new year deserves a good round up of favorites, don’t you think?

Favorite Things // Life Update

Lately we’ve been busy finding a new normal as a family of four, but I have to admit we are doing a lot better at adjusting than I thought we would. I think it has to do with three things. First, we’ve done it before so we were better mentally prepared for life this time around. Second, our Sebastián is a better sleeper than Fernando was. He is just a happy, sleeping and eating baby. The kind of baby everyone talks about, but I never had the first time around 🙂 Third, we tackle life as a team and that’s really helpful. I’m not on an island of parenthood alone. We do bath time together, and also find ways to give each other alone time to recharge and work.

I wrote about this a while ago. If you are a new parent, I highly recommend finding ways to give each other alone time. I wrote about us figuring it out in this post not long after we had F and our life turned upside down ( in the best way, of course).

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Style & Best Purchases This Month

Like everyone else, sweats and leggings have been on heavy rotation around here. I did finally purchase a pair of faux leather leggings, and I’ve been wearing them all of the time. I especially love how they hold me in tight at my postpartum belly. Another recent purchase have been these Golden Goose dupes. I don’t see myself splurging on the actual GG pair anytime soon, but I am beginning to like the look. This version is super comfortable and cute and a great way to add a little more style to the sweats and leggings.

I also just picked up this tunic, it’s such an easy and versatile piece. Long enough to cover the bum, but can also we worn with jeans with a front tuck. Also comes in grey.

Favorite Things // The Beauty Edition

DIY gel manicure

On IG stories, I shared that I’ve been doing my own gel nails since summer and I have to report that I’ve gotten pretty good at them. It does take a little bit of practice, but I really can’t see going back to the salon at this point. Maybe as a treat for those massage chairs…

I purchased everything on Amazon and my nails last almost two weeks—despite daily cooking and mom life, so I think that’s pretty good. It’s also a huge money saver. I think my entire “nail salon” purchase totalled $60, so basically it pays for itself within two times.

Here is everything that I ordered, in case you’re ready to do your own gel nails too.

Over the summer I also became a Tula Ambassador, if you order directly from the site Alina15 will get you 15% off. I get a small percentage of that, and it doesn’t cost extra to you. Before coming an Ambassador I used Tula for about three months, and I am obsessed with their milk cleanser, it is so effective yet gentle. I also really love their hydrating day & night cream, and usually use it as my final night cream before bed.

If you’ve never tried Tula, I highly recommend getting their best sellers travel size kit, to try out and see which products you’ll like. I always tend to purchase travel size when available to try out a product before committing.

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Home // New Bedding Obsession

One of my most researched purchases has been new bedding for our bedroom. I knew sleep would be a limited luxury, so I wanted to make sure our bedding was luxe and comfortable and I found it via Brooklinen. I got their sateen luxe hardcore sheet set and I totally get the hype. I love our bedding, especially the duvet cover and the envelope style pillow cases. It feels extra luxe but still reasonable.

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