Weekend Recap, Bucket List and Wish List for Spring

spring bucket list

It’s officially Spring. It doesn’t quite feel like it on most days, but it is. And there is nothing like a new season to usher in renewed goals, bucket lists and wish lists. Our weekend started out a little rocky.  But we came out of it on the other side. Learned a thing or two, and  even came to a solution. The end of our weekend was one filled with hope for the new season and an exciting chapter for our little family of three. Read on for the full weekend recap, bucket list and wish list for spring.

Spring family activities

Back to the rocky. I spent all week daydreaming about this weekend. What we were going to do, what I would wear, what we would eat. I imagined glorious dining experiences, delicious cocktails, comfortable wedges that make me look six feet tall and flowy tops that are actually flattering. Safe to say, I was deliriously ready for the weekend, after all my fantasizing. Except I forgot one tiny thing. I may have not mentioned any of these plans I made in my head for us to Mau, who in turn made his own plans. And as you can imagine, his plans were slightly different.

When the plans I made in my head didn’t come to fruition and disappointment set in, it was really hard to get myself out of the funk. So instead, our Saturday was spent figuring out what our weekends should look like moving forward. We want new experiences as a family. We each want alone time. We want to also exercise, and spend time with friends. All of these things were very much possible before the baby. But, without much help, we each feel guilty leaving the other with the baby to do other activities. But the truth is that we each need a break. Need to feel like our own person. Need to do what we each enjoy. So we can come back refreshed.

spring time family fun

So, here is our solution. On Saturdays, I get to sleep in and Mau will wake early with the baby. Then I get to hit the gym or do something in the am for myself. Later in the afternoon, it’s Mau’s turn to surf, get a beer with a buddy. Whatever. Sunday, he gets to sleep in and I wake up with the baby. Then we’ll spend the day together crossing off the bucket list of activities for Spring. Why did it take us a year to put this plan into action? I don’t know, but I can tell you that it made each of us feel like we have our weekends back!

Perfect outfit for spring

So Sunday, we put our new plan into action by visiting the Flower Fields of Carlsbad. It was such a beautiful day, and it got me thinking about all the spring activities and events I want us to get into this season. There I go, daydreaming again. Do you guys do that, and then forget to tell your partner you’ve made plans?!

The Spring Bucket List

My Spring list is not that long, mostly it revolves around us exploring our area. I want to do a couple of staycations, spend a day or two at a fancy pool (fancy means there are cocktails being served), and do something culturally interesting this season.

Play Tourist: I love the idea of exploring new areas right where we live. We recently discovered a new trail by the ocean, just a few minutes from our home. 

Be Artsy: I’ve been on the West Coast for quite a while, but I have not yet visited all of LAs museums and historical sites. It’s so easy to get caught up with errands and the usual hangouts that you forget to get out there an explore. Spring for me is the season to really get out there. 

New Baby Activities: Baby FLO will be starting swim lessons again in April, and I also want to sign him up for Russian school. This also helps my personal commitment to meet other mamas in the area. 

Perfect Spring Outfit

The Spring Wish List

New season also means it’s time to spruce up the wardrobe. I might be a minimalist when it comes to shopping, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on some new threads for Spring. I was clearly determined to wear my new wedges and a flowy blouse, no matter where we went to this weekend. These are my staple items of the season, and most of my shopping revolves around finding a few new things I can mix with the old.

Must have item: Wedges

I found these wedges on MAJOR sale last year. They changed the style a bit for this season. In general I think wedges are a great splurge. They’re in style every year and they’re a great alternative to a heel. These are clearly the wedge of the season, so there are lots of dupes out there, like these. I’m looking to get another neutral wedge that isn’t as sky high, and loving these, and also crushing on this pair. I think they would work with jeans, rompers and shorts for the summer months. I don’t mind splurging a bit on wedges because they are great vacation shoes and never seem to be out of style.

Must have item: Flowy or Peplum tops

For tops this year, I’m buying up all the peplum numbers I can find. I actually just got a few cute options from Target. I purchased this one the other day, and already know it’s going to be on heavy rotation. This one is sitting in my cart at the moment, and I love how casual it is, so I don’t have to keep wearing tees all day. The top I have on is from No Rest for Bridget, and I love their stuff. I’m eyeing this blouse, the ruffles are perfect for spring, and maybe my birthday.

My jeans are topshop, and the high waist makes them sort of mom jeans, but also super comfy. My favorite jeans are not Articles of Society and Topshop, and both brands are sold at Nordstrom and go on sale all of the time!

Do you have any Spring plans or must buys?


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  • Reply Meredith March 29, 2017 at 9:58 AM

    These pics are amazing! I’m totally crushing on all your outfits too!!

  • Reply Sandra March 29, 2017 at 8:54 AM

    Like always you look gorgeous and this plan for you guys seems like its working out great, keep it up and if you ever need a babysitter I have one available! 😉

    • Reply ... besos, ALINA March 29, 2017 at 1:01 PM

      Thanks so much Sandra! Umm we totally need a babysitter !!

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