5 Favorites This Month | September 2021 Edition

My 5 favorites this month are really good. I’m so excited to share them with you. So welcome to the September edition of Monthly Favorites.

September is slowly becoming one of my favorite months. Maybe it’s the back to school energy, which also comes with extra free time for me. Or maybe the imminent weather change, which also means fall fashion and layers. Either way, this season of life in general has me excited.

5 Favorites This Month | September 2021 Edition

half zip sweatshirt for neutral fall look

Half Zip Sweater Game Strong

I don’t know why I’ve never owned a half zip sweater before, but this year I find them so much more stylish than a simple sweatshirt. Comfortable and chic is my current approach to fashion and a half zip is such a great addition to a capsule wardrobe.

I love this one that I have. It’s currently unavailable in my color, but does come in a heather grey. In general I haven’t ordered from aerie before, and I was very impressed with the quality.

I also just ordered this striped one for later in the season. (Currently 40% off with code MeTime)

Love how you can layer it with jeans, add a button down to make it a little more elegant or toss it over your shoulders as an extra layer (which is the current sweater trend).


Retinol, But Make it a Micro-Dose

I’ve never trained my skin long-enough to take prescription grade retinol, but I love the difference when I use a serum with retinol. I still love Sunday Riley sleeping oil, and if you’re new to retinol and want to start using anti-aging products, I highly recommend it.

I am seeing really great results with Kiehl’s Anti-Aging Micro-Dosing Serum, it’s gentle and effective. I’ve been using it every other day for about a month, and my skin feels incredibly smooth and it’s also helping tone down my redness (rosacea).

DIY Gel Manicure Party for One

Every year around my birthday I get obsessed with getting my nails done. And for a few months I love having long nails. This year I even discovered that almond shapes nails are very doable for mom life/ and doing things in general. As long as they are not too long.

However, after a few months  I end up needing my hands back. Does anyone else feel this way? I also feel the same way about lashes, or anything else that you “add” that’s not a part of you.

So, I’m back to doing my own nails again. This base and top coat are amazing. I did my own DIY Gel Manicure on Monday and I have zero chips a week later. Pretty good for a DIY job. Check out this post for more tips on doing your own nails and all the products I use.

Iridescent Glass Delight

I recently ordered these iridescent mugs and I’ve been using them non-stop. They’re insulated so they are perfect for morning coffee, and also for cocktails. Lately I’ve been making my version of a skinny margarita and these glasses have been perfect to use for drinks that require a lot of ice, without creating giant rings of water spots. Also, something about them being iridescent I find truly delightful.

Silky Smooth

Lately satin/silk has been my favorite material, I invested into silk pillowcases, and also bought every single color of this satin nightie from Target. And now I finally found a perfect slip dress.

It’s going to be a staple of my wardrobe, because it’s such a great piece to layer.