Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

This wasn’t exactly a last minute Halloween idea, but it was one that came together fairly quickly and easily with a great tutorial by Real Simple Magazine, a stop at Michael’s and an Amazon order. I figure I only have a couple of years to convince these two to indulge my ideas before they turn against me. So I wanted to take full advantage of baby FLO’s first Halloween. Sharing more photos and other last minute Halloween costume ideas below.

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If you are still not sure what you’re going to do for yourself or the kiddos, you can find some ideas, here as well as here. Some other popular and last minute Halloween ideas I’ve seen have been day of the day make up for you and your little one. Mom and baby skeletons, and also Snapchat filters are definitely going to be popular.

Here are a few photos of  our first Halloween as a family

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

I ordered my lifeguard attire from Amazon, and then got the supplies for baby FLO’s costume from Michael’s. I only needed a few sheets of felt, scissors and a glue gun. The tutorial suggest you also purchase a cake cupboard and cut that into the fin, but I just used a delivery box we had at the house! The hooded sweatshirt is from Old Navy.

Mau got away with minimal changes for this one, so he was pretty happy.

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

I’d love to hear what your Halloween plans are. Happy trick or treating to everyone, be safe!


how to make a baby shark costume

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