Small Ways to Easy Self-Care This Week

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with PURENEW. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

This week, I wanted to invite you to a challenge. It’s a small challenge and only a week long. Sometimes challenges are too long. 30 days, 90 days requires a real commitment. A week on the other hand seems doable. It’s fully possible to do anything for just one week. So, let’s for this one week do something to take self-care of ourselves. I’ve outlined ideas below. Maybe you’ll do all of them or maybe just one or two, or maybe you’ll challenge yourself to new ideas next week. Read on for small ways to easy self-care this week.

Small Ways to Easy Self-Care This Week

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Get Rest

F’s commitment to make me over as a morning person remains strong. He still wakes up way too early, and I seem to always go to bed too late. For one week, I really want to try to get to bed early, so I can wake up refreshed. Or better yet, ahead of the baby and get some alone time in the am!

This week, get to bed early enough to read a little!

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Turn Off the Tube

It has become impossible to sit down and watch just one show, thanks to streaming. There is always a cliff-hanger that keeps us hooked and we say to ourselves, just 15 more minutes and then end up watching three more episodes. As much as I love a good TV binge session, Mauricio and I have started to switch things up. Maybe we sit outside by the fireplace and chat or play a board game, but the time away from the TV feels good.

This week, just chill without the streaming 🙂

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Stick To My Beauty Bed Time Routine

A few posts back, I wrote about my extensive bed time beauty routine. (Here it is if you missed it). Ultimately, it doesn’t happen every night, because life seems to get in the way or just laziness. But, a few weeks ago I was given a sneak peek of an amazing product, called PURENEW.

PURENEW is a beauty supplement made of premium ingredients and sourced from nature and are backed by clinical studies.  Ingredients like Wild Red Sockeye Salmon Oil, BioSil® Hair Vital Advanced Formula, BioCell Collagen® HA, Multi-Antioxidants Comlex and Bioactive Collagen Peptides help to regenerate healthy skin, boost skin moisture and elasticity—in short, all the things we ladies in our 30’s + need.

The best part is that PURENEW is a supplement, so you are treating your skin from within, instead of topically! It feels like such a game changer!

PURENEW products are designed for specific life stages to nourish the cells, increase physiological function and enhance the physique, I was sent the 35+ anti-aging supplements, but they also have an option for ladies still in their 20+ years. 

You can read more about PURENEW on their site here, and the supplements should be available in mid-August.

This week, no need to spend countless hours on creams, you can simply add these to your weekly self-care routine!

Take a Break from Social Media

This may sound counterproductive, since I’m always asking you to like my photos and engage, but I found that taking a break from this overwhelming machine is a necessary form of self-care. It’s easy to fall into a trap of comparing your life to others, wonder why your friend didn’t invite you on an outing she is documenting on her stories, or get upset over how someone else’s day is seemingly going much better than yours.

As much as I love social media, taking a break from Instagram and appreciating real life is sometimes exactly what the doctor prescribed.

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Eat Healthier

If you do follow me on Instagram you probably caught a glimpse of my Lunch Party of One series. I try to make a healthy lunch for myself, but also a pretty one. Some days I want to just toss everything together and eat in a hurry while reading emails, but I find that when I take the time to make myself a meal, and really enjoy it I am so much more satisfied.

This week, treat yourself to a healthy lunch that you prepped, or bought. But, enjoy it. Don’t eat while doing something else, or at your desk!

Make  a Plan

If you’re feeling lonely or out of touch, take it upon yourself to reach out to a friend. Last week, I called a friend and invited her out for cocktails, because its something that I needed. I got dressed up, we met up for a cocktail, we laughed and then I came home. Refreshed and reconnected.

This week, don’t wait for the phone to ring, call and make a plan to hang with a friend.


What are some ways you guys like to self-care? Let me know below!

Thank you to  PURENEW for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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