Halloween Decorating Idea | Bar Cart Styling

If you’re looking for Halloween decorating ideas, here is a little glimpse of our Halloween bar cart styling and everything I used to create it. Hope this inspires your own Halloween decorating ideas.

halloween bar cart styling

Home Decor Styling For Halloween

I couldn’t resist adding some scary Halloween decorations to our bar area.

Once I found the gold and black pumpkins, I knew what direction I wanted to go in. This time around I wanted to avoid the traditional orange hues and instead make it a little more dia de los muertos and a little scary.

The skeleton, skulls and red roses are last minute additions from Target halloween decorations and they really helped complete the bar cart styling.

I purchased fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s to help complete this decorating idea. The bright red roses in a skull vase and then Baby’s Breath inside the skeleton.

I picked up the hanging bat at our dollar store and it definitely gives the spooky vibes I wanted for this area of our home.

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