Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys

Looking for Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys that are not candy? Here is a great round up for what to put in a boys Easter Basket.

What do you put in a boys Easter basket?

Am I really not adding any candy to the boys’ Easter baskets this year? Of course not. They’ll get plenty of candy. But, I also wanted to add useful gifts that they’ll both use as well as new clothes. I think setting the precedent that the Easter Bunny brings useful items and not just chocolate is a good one.

I’m including books, educational toys and treats, but mostly what you will find are practical items you’ll likely shopping for anyway.

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What Can I Give my Kids Instead of Candy for Easter?

Toys is an obvious answer. But, I also wanted to include gifts that are useful to them in every day life. For example, they both needed summer sneakers and I found the perfect pair for both of them. I love these sneakers for Fernando so much, I’m thinking of getting matching ones for myself!

Easter is a perfect time to spruce up the kids wardrobe with new shoes, a few outfits and swim trunks. You can also put other Spring and Summer essentials in a boys Easter Basket like hats, sunglasses new socks and underwear. Bonus points for cute and colorful items.  I always find great boys clothes at H&M. I’m loving that this seasons items are fun and colorful.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys

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  1.  How to Catch the Easter Bunny — I love the fun tone this book sets for the Easter Basket.
  2. Two piece tee shirt and shorts Goofy set— I got this set for both of my boys. Perfect for summer and H&M is definitely my go to for both of the boys.
  3. Bath bombs— I love making bath time a little more fun. A few items on the list do just that. From bath bombs to a rechargeable light up whale water spray.
  4. This Drawing Tablet might be a gift for your kids, but it’s also a great gift for you. Perfect for taking it along with you on long car rides, travel and dining out.
  5. My eldest has had this planet box lunch box for 5 years and it still looks pristine. Every year I do update the lunch box case and also a water bottle. Useful gifts that are great for filling up the Easter Basket.
  6. I am obsessed with these Nikes I picked up for Fernando. They’re easy to put on ( elastic laces), and they perfect for summer. I’m debating picking up another pair for him for next school year, and maybe one for him. Kohl’s also has great deals on boys sneakers and clothes.
  7. I love picking up a small Lego set to keep on me. It’s a great way to distract and keep Fernando busy at home and on the go.
  8. Same goes for playdough.  The mess is worth it for me, and it keeps everyone busy and excited.
  9. I might be more excited than Fernando for this one. I’ve been waiting to read Harry Potter with him and a friend suggested this illustrated version. Pricey, but beautiful and perfect for making memories and instilling a love for reading.


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