West Elm Inspired DIY Gold Jewelry Branch

Jewelry stands are easy enough to find, but I could never spot the one I really wanted, until I saw this West Elm jewelry branch.

I have literally spent a year waiting for it to go on sale, because I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $100, when most of my jewelry doesn’t even cost that much.

So, I decided to DIY it, especially since the West Elm one doesn’t come in gold.

I found the branches while walking Benny. (I swear I did not rip them off a tree. Seriously. I did not.) And then I spent $5.99 on the spray paint. Take that West Elm.

Here is how to DIY a Gold Jewelry Branch.

What you will need:

1 tree branch

1 can of gold spray paint

3 small nails

1 hammer

gold, yellow or nude thread

1 pen or pencil ( to mark the wall)


Take a piece of cloth or an old sheet to lay out the branches you found. I sprayed more than one, because I had plans to use the other branches.


When it comes to gold paint, there are tons of choices, but I really love this 18K Gold spray paint, it really does have that golden glow, unlike others that sometimes are too yellow or too metallic.


Coat the branches evenly from a few inches away. Let dry, then turn your branches over and repeat. Continue to cover the branches with the spray paint, until you’ve covered every side. Remember to give at least 15-20 minutes between coats.


Once the branch is dry, arrange it on the wall, making small marks with your pen or pencil,  where the branch naturally meets with the wall.


I didn’t have gold nails on hand, so I simply sprayed these three small nails with the paint. Once dry I made small holes, where I previously marked on the wall.


I placed the branch on the nails again to make sure it would rest easily. Now to secure it, simply take your thread and make a few circles between the branch and the nail.


Repeat with each nail. The branch should be secure enough to the wall, for you to freely hang your jewelry on.