Valentine’s Day Dinner Out

When I think about a typical Valentine’s Day dinner I immediately imagine a dimly lit Italian restaurant, with those red and white checkered tablecloths, oversized bowls of pasta, carafes of red wine and a Dean Martin classic in the background. It’s certainly a cliché scene, but one that still somehow evokes romance.

That’s probably why these type of restaurants are always packed on Valentine’s day. So are the steak houses, which serve up essentially the same fare, but with a more elegant twist. Valentine’s Day dinner out means a packed restaurant, a stressed out server, a pre-fixed menu and double the usual price.

Yet, this doesn’t mean our only choice is to stay home. Instead, I like to think a bit outside the box, and venture out to a place that doesn’t necessarily feel romantic at a glance, but can make for a fun and adventurous dinner out.

All couples have their go-to restaurants, but once in a while, it can be fun to try a new, unfamiliar place or cuisine. I like to do this especially for special celebrations, that way even if the entire evening is a disaster, we still created a memory.

For our last anniversary we decided to try Korean BBQ. We both swore that we’ve had it before, but in truth neither one of us could remember when, where or with who. So basically, we were newbies.

Quarters, in LA came highly recommended by a colleague of Mauricio, so when trying unfamiliar cuisine I suggest tapping into your resources for recommendations.

There is something so special about trying new things together, and it can totally be romantic, and at the very least fun.

Valentine's day dinner out 2

                                                             [Yep. We got the same glasses.]

So this Valentine’s Day, think about food or restaurants you haven’t tried, and create your own romance by experiencing something new and fresh together.

P.S. If you want to try Korean BBQ, but are a little intimidated, here is a great article that breaks down all the foods that will come your way. We didn’t read it before we went, and no one kicked us out 🙂



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