This Week’s Favorites Round Up (08/03)

favorite thins round up

This week’s favorites round up should really be called the monthly round up because it’s been a whole month since my last weekly update.

This Week’s Favorites Round Up

The toughest challenge these last few months has been creating any sort of schedule or consistency for the summer. But to be honest, I just tossed scheduling for these few months aside and instead took it day by day. I didn’t get much accomplished, but everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying their summer, so that’s good enough in my book.

New Favorites For Home

Lately, I’ve been itching to update some mundane items at home, like plates and silverware. I fell in love with these plates from Crate & Barrel. How gorgeous is the gold trim? Unfortunately, because of this gold trim you cannot put the plates into the dishwasher. A deal breaker for daily life. Instead, I opted for these.

I also picked up wine glasses and these napkins. So ready to entertain again. Can you tell?

Also, I am really loving this glass set. It would make a wonderful gift. 

Currently Loving

Last year I found his old credit card holder and started using it, because my wallet wouldn’t fit into a lot of my smaller bags. So this year for my birthday I splurged on a new credit card holder. I love that it has a zippered compartment, so that I can carry cash with me.

Also, I randomly picked up a cute little nightgown from Target. This satin number is super comfortable and feels great against the skin. Another pair of PJs from Amazon were also a great find and they are on constant rotation.

During the Nordstrom SaleI finally purchased the silk pillow casesI won’t say that there was a dramatic difference on my skin (yet), but I must say I am pleasantly surprised how well they have been for my hair! I realized that my hair is less frizzy even though we’ve had quite a heat wave. I have also used a lot less dry shampoo, because my hair hasn’t been as oily as usual. I bought the pillow for my skin, but the hair was a welcomed result.

Currently Coveting

If you follow me on IG stories you may have seen that I just picked up a new spray sunscreen to re-apply to my face. It wasn’t my favorite at all. So next on my list is the Supergoop! Resetting mineral powder foundation to try. I’m still loving the Elta MD tinted sunscreen.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the perfect little bum bag is over. I love this little ClareV black bag, it’s perfect for travel or days when I need both hands. It’s so versatile and comes in a few colors.

Maybe it’s because my oldest just started skateboard camp, but suddenly I find the old school vans the cutest and perfect for fall. What’s on your list for fall?

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