Summer Bucket List

A bucket list has really been a great way to welcome each season. Especially finding events and activities to do that are only available during that time. There is also something about actually making a list of things that feels like it’s going to get you closer to getting it done. There is so much about summer to look forward to, and not all of it is about the beach. Though, that is where the three of us will likely be on most weekends! Nonetheless, there are some other things I’m really looking forward to. Here is my bucket list for the best season of them all—summer!

picnic on the beach

1. A Weekend in Palm Springs

A fancy pool day was on my spring bucket list, but now I want to up the ante with a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. I’ve lived on the West Coast for almost five years now and have yet to visit the desert!
And we finally booked a weekend with our friends, and I’m so so excited!

2. Wine Tasting

 After our impromptu visit to Napa over our weekend in San Francisco, I realized wine country outing is a perfect activity for parents with babies or toddlers. You get to sip wine, while spending time outdoors, your toddler gets to roam around a new place and you can even enjoy a picnic together.

3. Strawberry or Blueberry Picking

If you keep up with me on Instagram you may have seen that FLO  will only eat strawberries that grow in our backyard. Once they were all gone, I tried to feed store bought berries to him, which he refused. Then, I “planted” my store bought strawberries outside for  FLO to find, which he happily picked and ate!
The moral of the story is that we need to take this baby berry picking asap. There is a U-Pick Strawberry Company in Carlsbad, but if you know if other local places, please let me know!

4.Theatre Night

What is an entire summer without putting on a heel and meeting your girlfriends for an early happy hour followed by a night at the theatre. One thing I really miss about living in the city is being able to see a play, show or a ballet anytime of the year. But, living outside of the city is really an excuse. Orange County has a pretty robust theatre program, so I’m challenging myself to make a cultural night outing happen this summer.
 pcinic on the beach


5. Sunset Dinner Picnic

I had a few quick lunches at the beach, but I’m sad to say I have yet to have a true, planned picnic dinner on the beach. I really want to prepare a meal and then pack us up for dinner on the sand to watch the sunset. In my opinion, beach picnics should be on everybody’s bucket list.


Happy almost summer everyone,



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